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MoC command intercepted a brief transmission and then total silence from the entire JF fleet

Based upon data and extrapolation, flight path error caused the entire fleet to fly directly into a blackhole while trans-versing through a sector

The intercepted transmission reveals only what looks like a junior officer engaging in some excited impromptu celebration right after the flight adjustment was detected by intel agents and right before the transmission cut out...

BattleTech/Mechwarrior Role-Play / MoC and Mercenaries
« on: November 06, 2017, 11:50:25 AM »

When boundaries defined a gap within a plan that needed to be closed, the usual solution was reaching out to mercenaries to get the job done to complete the objective, and here Ray was,confronted with such a gap

MoC reached out to WW and WD to inquire about their services, MoC was in need of elite mercenary forces due to potential opponent, in those discussions terms were agreed upon and objectives defined, once a deal was struck we proceeded with the plan

MoC had no illusions about ourselves, we clearly knew we needed outside resources to complete the objective at hand, that never made us 'cowards' it just reinforced we needed to be smarter and more capable than our opponent

WW was first to raid Jarnfolk, what met them was a surprise for the both of us, Jarnfolk left themselves basically undefended, so Glory and her pilots took to the field and beat what little forces JF could muster.  MoC is indebted to WW for their skill in this opening salvo against JF, Glory and her pilots deserve every accolade in this campaign. MoC had need to turn to them again for their services when DC decided to attack MoC Dunishire sector, which likely would have their elite pilots on the field to make a 'point' so, MoC decided to meet that elite force with an elite merc force in return.

WD was the second to raid Jarnfolk, this raid was launched right after WW's raid, to capitalize off the first raid success and to diminish any defensive forces still standing from the first raid. MoC is indebted to WD for their skill and their input on adjusting certain facets of the plan as their role was two fold, both the raid and success of that leads into the current sector assault, without out their skill on the field and input off the field during the raid we wouldn't be able to move to the next phase, sector assault. When Jarnfolk decided to attack OA rather than MoC, WD was contracted to defend, this was done to make sure JF were repelled and to prove a point.

There are no guarantees in battle, planning and expectations towards an objective get you only so far but, if you want to get as close to a guarantee as one can when it comes to battle look no further than elite mercenary forces, MoC raises it's glass to both WW and WD pilots for jobs well done and look to continue working with these merc units with future contracts and objectives

MoC eagerly awaits the outcome and conclusion of the SA against Holfn sector, give'em hell Dragoons

BattleTech/Mechwarrior Role-Play / MoC Press Release
« on: November 06, 2017, 07:28:33 AM »
MoC has recieved the transmission from Cainen and have this to offer in reply...

You were never considered an "expeditionary force deployed to the innersphere", you're a proxy for DC, and you've claimed your piracy tag both in action and by admission in previous transmissions so let's be transparent shall we?

You speak for yourself, I have yet to see or hear of any other affirmation from the other allies you mention in your 'declaration'

Planning, patience and execution, MoC has seen this through, we've remained steadfast in both word and deed as to our intent and purpose which the genesis was your own words...

You speak so boldly for someone so tucked away in a corner on the other side of the innersphere. Were you somewhere closer I think you would be far more civil in your disposition.

Yes we have one sector, we like it.
We had limited production from the outset, hence our need to go raiding.
We might have to wait a little bit, but patience is key. We had no need to maintain a supply chain at this point and we could just go for the all in tactic
Just because the tiger is far from you does not make it any less dangerous. Just because it is caged does not mean the tiger has been declawed.

Perhaps you might have thought it a smart move to "leave us on an island". While on paper that seems fine you are thinking in a vacuum, and we have other options. Perhaps you should take a look to see whom is near us.

The question you should be asking yourself is not if we will come, but when. And when we do come will you how much will you commit against us? As you state we have nothing to lose. But what about you? And should you defeat us what then? The attrition rates alone would cripple you. The sharks will smell the blood in the water and you would be in a weaker state.

I would advise you to see the error in your judgment.

You make accusations to parties that had no hand in MoC action against Jarnfolk, how many times does one have to repeat the same words and show with actions for you to understand?  What military action has any of the other nations you mention taken against you?

You conveniently place others into the line of fire that took no action against Jarnfolk, that is cowardly in both word and action as you've launched attacks against those same named PRIOR to your 'declaration'

If those same allies that you've mentioned wish to declare and martial resources in support of your vendetta, then so be it, but I am sure they are contemplating the resources and time needed to maintain such an effort and may have second thoughts to supporting your 'war'

BattleTech/Mechwarrior Role-Play / Re: Word...
« on: November 03, 2017, 09:09:01 AM »
Ray turned back to the microphone and continued the broadcast directed at the Holfn sector...

"I speak to the Jarnfolk that recall the history of your people that brought you to this region, that you were refugees escaping the bitter treatment from the Dragon upon the Rasalhague worlds so long ago, now here you are, dependant upon the very Dragon your ancestors escaped from

Your leader believes that everything else is a 'nail' that he wields a mighty hammer to strike at these nails to drive them down, to cow at the thought of that hammer coming to swing towards any opponent he aims at...

That hammer is strong, nobody would argue otherwise, but placing nails around for that same leader to strike at with that hammer makes for an easy opponent since he only wields the one hammer

So here we are, at the doorstep to make another example of his folly, one reaps what they sow, we believe the harvest will be a good one, we hope for the sake of the Jarnfolk people that they realize their leader placed them in this position

We're here to take the home and cast out that holder of the hammer, may he and his troops find solitude within the Dragon's clutches"

BattleTech/Mechwarrior Role-Play / Word...
« on: November 02, 2017, 08:11:36 PM »
Ray stepped up to the mic that was broadcasting to the sector, tapped it and uttered one word "Hello"

Ray let that first phrase settle as he turned to Nami, err Naomi and winked

more to follow...

BattleTech/Mechwarrior Role-Play / Re: MoC landfall
« on: October 29, 2017, 05:26:20 PM »
Ray scanned across the command center as all the commanders and soldiers went about their tasks and daily work, as he glanced at a few faces he saw the continued determination and confidence he’d seen from the beginning, he turned to head back to his office

Naomi was waiting for him as he entered, “What’s your take on the recent broadcast?” he asked, Naomi took a breath and Ray knew he was going to get the usual analytical breakdown he always appreciated from her and she began with “So DC makes a ‘bold’ statement of coming down to ‘greet us’, then pivots to some drivel again but, what’s so plainly obvious to everyone as it concerns their dealings within their ‘alliance’ is already on record and easily validated by anyone with two eyes and a brain…”

She took another breath and continued, “It’s peculiar that DC makes a claim that we are ‘cowardly’ and think too ‘highly of ourselves’, and neither is correct, we’ve always understood and respected pilot skill from both factions, it’s the VERY reason we sought after the best merc units available”.  She rolled her eyes on this next comment, “What idiot wouldn’t do exactly what we’ve done knowing the circumstances of the situation we are confronted with?”, Ray let out a burst of laughter after that last bit… “Please continue commander” Ray replied…

Naomi then continued her thought, “Nobody believes they are untouchable, only fools would follow a path or thought like that, and there are no fools here.” Naomi let out a brief sigh and went on, “…Barking dog…, do they not realize we can’t be provoked by such nonsense?  Besides, what fool would expose their belly to allow anyone, even a dog, to tear and strike at their underbelly and unprotected area?” Ray had just started to take a drink which immediately shot out of his nose when she finished that thought… “We did shock them a bit when we struck Jarnfolk now didn’t we” Ray added

Naomi looked over at Ray at gave one of her devilish grins, then she continued on, “The mid part of their broadcast is enlightening, so our little raid has caused them to deter forces from their main front to deal with what they consider a ‘dog’, what kind of nonsense is that?” she took a sip of her drink and continued, “Then they segue to beating their chest at the other members of the periphery pact which we’ve continued to clearly state took no action against DC nor JF, and to top it all off…they want to declare ‘war’, isn’t this their declaration already?”  She slammed her drink down which caused it to splash upon her, she grabbed a nearby towel to wipe herself off and moved on to complete her thought.  “They called out OA by referencing their proximity only, if ANYONE moved against DC, now that’s cowardly sir, we’ve always stated that any and all retaliation should be on MoC yet here DC is making a statement against other periphery pact members…where is the honor in that?”

Ray nodded and took a moment before responding… “As always Naomi your analysis is spot on and I agree with the points you mention, As they stated in their broadcast ‘learn from this’, we’ve planned and learned much prior to their ‘greeting’ so, maybe the roles they believe they are taking on in this scenario aren’t the ones they expected”

Ray stood up as Naomi followed with same action and they proceeded back into the commander center and continued their prior discussion over battle plans and maps…

BattleTech/Mechwarrior Role-Play / Re: MoC landfall
« on: October 25, 2017, 09:39:16 PM »
Ray sat back and let a big grin cross his face as he read the intel update just given to him by his director of intelligence, he recalled the recent bit of conversation he had with Naomi concerning words...  "Words, they do hold power don't they?" ... They do indeed as Ray chuckled

Ray scanned over the report again, focusing on this statement "We now have confirmation of the double agent fed false intel too with Tortuga's latest action that our spy network was able to confirm as they moved into Kamarod sector to meet with Jarnfolk representatives and conversations captured from within the room they met in"

Ray let his thoughts run "words... words hold power but knowing the entire facts as it pertains to the actual contracts made with the mercs is an entirely different beast and the intel Tortuga have in their possession is just that... words, Tortuga took a huge misstep when it claimed or inferred something that didn't exist in the first place beyond words spoken for them to hear"

Naomi walked into Ray's office, Ray turned and stated "Tortuga are pirates, so why not align themselves with another pirate, this was always in the back of my mind when they reversed their position as a pact member, so why not play that angle to our advantage?, it seems that opportunity has born some fruit after all", Naomi nodded

Ray continued "Now to the actual facts, our spy network can prove beyond words of many of the back room deals made with DC and Jarnfolk to collude to a common purpose as well as resources and financial dealings that support Dane and his troops but, why bother when the reality is so much more powerful and plain to see with reviewing troop movements and military strikes taken, let alone the transmissions made, should we make all this more apparent to others that could benefit from this intel and knowledge?"

Naomi added "From the beginning have you not stated very clearly MoC intentions and who should own any repercussions?  Does Tortuga want to strike at other periphery members based upon words spoken alone, if that's the case so be it, they reap what they have sown" it was Ray's turn to nod and he finished with this point "Clearly Tortuga doesn't know the financial or military strength of any periphery pact member, let alone MoC, so how can it make any claim as to what a single member can and can't provide with a contract with mercs?"

Ray sat back down into his chair and had one last thought before he would ask Naomi to bring up comms to discuss next moves "It is odd that a faction would make a move this large on words alone without any concrete facts to validate what was spoken, then try to take that to other nations to try to strike a deal is suspect at best"

"Does Tortuga realize they will be leveraged as distractions rather than partners?" flashed across his vid pad in his hand from General Maeve as she just sent a reply from the report Ray had sent her just a few moments ago

As Ray stood to move into the command center he spoke out to the room "Words have power indeed, not the power that Tortuga will expect though I would surmise"

BattleTech/Mechwarrior Role-Play / Re: MoC landfall
« on: October 25, 2017, 06:25:54 AM »
Ray poured himself a tall drink and took a sip, savoring the flavor while closing his eyes and replaying the main point from the latest report from Hofn sector… ‘Raid was successful’

He finished off his drink and stepped back into the commander center, nodded to Naomi who punched up the comlink to General Maeve, ‘Hello general, I see from the latest report that your raid went successfully?’

The general affirmed and went into clarification concerning the encounter, “Intel was confirmed when we stepped onto the battlefield, they were able to reinforce but we were ready”, Ray’s intel network had analyzed data that pointed to stronger reinforcement, a big piece of that was all forward attacks and raids from Dane had ceased, essentially shutting Jarnfolk down to deal with these simple raids

Ray continued, “We’ve even forced Dane’s allies to cease their diplomatic enclave while Jarnfolk were forced to deal with these raids, it should be interesting to hear from the spy network reports what follows from these raids”.  “Now we can move onto better things general, do we have the other Wolf’s Dragoons companies in position for the next front?”  Maeve had a slight grin as he responded, “We will be in position in a few jumps and ready to launch the raid”

Ray wanted to go back to the raid report to go over that one bit from the initial raid attack, “Did Dane try to insert misleading intel of forces on planet prior to battle to throw you off?”, Maeve nodded her head and followed with, “Yes, Dane and company thought that initial intel reports from the prior raid would hold, funny that Dane’s intel is so shoddy to realize our current intel blew that attempt of misdirection up, as the raid moved from the initial phase to conclusion our company got stronger and stronger with each completed phase”

Ray thanked the general and mentioned that a few extra cases of whiskey would make their way to her office and troops.  Maeve and Ray then went into discussion about Jarnfolk, “Now that Dane knows he can be raided we have effectively forced a position with him and his allies to contend with, it’s up to the allies to cut ties with Dane unless they want to continue to put effort into a positon so far from the front lines” as Ray finished that last sentence his mind flashed back over all the comm chatter from Jarnfolk, with all that bluster this is what it’s come down to, RESULTS…

Ray went on to finish that thought, “General, we know the timelines well enough now to get troops into position whenever we need to yank that chain to force the hand of Dane, all we have to do is wait when he attempts raids near chaos march sector and then ramp this up again”.  General Maeve interjected, “What of the intel reports of DC forces being brought in to reinforce?”, Ray expected a point along these lines to come up during the discussion, “DC and Jarnfolk are mutually inclusive at this point, DC needs their pilots on the ground hitting targets to keep other nations distracted while DC continues their focus on clans” Ray continued “We can do a small part in causing Dane and his troops to stall their efforts but that’s all we can do at this point, regardless if DC is helping with forces or not”

Ray and Maeve continued on with their discussion and then as it concluded while the screen went black, Ray started to stride back to his office but stopped mid-step, “Naomi, can you contact the others, I believe we need to continue the discussion on that operational concept I mentioned to them in prior conversation”

BattleTech/Mechwarrior Role-Play / Re: MoC landfall
« on: October 16, 2017, 06:38:46 AM »
Naomi stepped beside the general as he gestured at the beautiful landscape ahead of them, "Always a breath taking view in the morning, never gets old to take in the beauty that surrounds us in these quieter moments" as Naomi nodded in agreement, "So what do you have for me?"

Naomi gave an brief update of current status of forces and logistics, then she chimed in with "Glory will be in contact within 15"

Ray walked back with Naomi to the command center to receive the call, as he entered Glory came up on the vid screen

"So how did it go Glory", the general asked, Glory got straight to the point "Better than expected, defensive forces were comprised of only Kitfoxes and not enough to fully defend against our raid"

"Interesting" was the only reply Ray gave then moved on, "Glory, as always you've come through, appears this completely caught Jarnfolk off guard"

Ray continued on with additional updates with Glory and then the vid screen went dark, he turned to Naomi and nodded, the screen came back to life and this time General Maeve of Wolf's Dragoons was in front of him, "Has the jump for the raid completed as planned?", Maeve gave a simple grin and remarked, "Of course, why wouldn't it?" then they both laughed, Ray informed Maeve of the outcome and intel concerning Glory's raid so WD could plan accordingly

"Only Kitfoxes and not enough to defend against the raid eh?", Ray confirmed it again then Maeve replied, "What fool leaves his home world defenseless?", looking over at the comms center Ray could see Naomi crying she was laughing so hard

Ray replied "This only further validates that Dane is all in with DC as their proxy agent for DC's longer term goals"

Ray and Maeve went over additional details and he would report all of this conversation back to Akela and then they both signed off

Ray went back outside to take a last look at the landscape before him before heading off world, the prior thought of this endeavor being interesting had taken on a new peculiar twist, "Interesting indeed" Ray thought

Ray stood reviewing all intel, reports and transmissions concerning Jarnfolk and DC relations and interactions as well as all military activities taken... they all still pointed to one thing and one thing alone

Dane is and continues to be a proxy for DC as long as they remain within DC territories, there is no other conclusion that can be drawn

Ray turned to glance at the vid of the recent press conference from DC and chuckled, he placed his finger on the initial report that this recent press conference was spawn from

Two mercenary units and an alliance of Periphery states and an Inner Sphere house. Is this bolstering of forces warranted against the threat of the JàrnFòlk? A group the MoC considers mere "pirates"? More likely that they predict aggression towards an Inner Sphere superpower.

The Magistracy of Canopus is deliberately instigating conflict with House Kurita.

Does the DC representative not know everything said and done has been documented or recorded?  How many times does the DC rep have to be corrected?

This was all becoming a broken record with DC covering for Jarnfolk yet again, with the continued silence and lack of speaking for themselves just validates the point MoC diplomats continued to express as it pertains to Jarnfolk and their relationship with DC

Now DC is trying to make the claim of instigating conflict towards DC?  If DC continues to house Jarnfolk within it's borders and allows and guides Dane to specific targets what ownership will it take and not take on said housing of a pirate?

Ray just shook his head and laughed, the thought that these DC diplomats attempt to create their own reality when the facts and data prove otherwise was always amusing to Ray

He looked back to the vid screen and turned the transmission off, back to more pressing matters he thought...

BattleTech/Mechwarrior Role-Play / MoC landfall
« on: October 09, 2017, 09:00:23 AM »
General, you have an incoming tranmission from Emma Centrella in 10...

Ray knew Emma would be wanting an update on the current situation and the troop's condition, he finished off the last of the drink he was swirling in his glass as he thought over the latest intel and maps displayed before him

Ray stood and stepped outside,knelt to pickup some dirt as was his habit on planets he took the field on, as he let the soil fall between his fingers he knew it was another in a long line of planets he fought on, it always felt right to be on the ground with his men as they fought side by side

Naomi called out to the general, 'Mother's on the line!', it always made Ray laugh when he recalled how fierce Naomi was on the battlefield and was always soft when it came to her mother

Ray stood and walked back to the command center to take the call, Emma came online and had that look about her... Ray knew he had to be short and to the point

'How are things General?', Ray knew she had the same intel and diplomacy reports he had in front of him, Emma was as sharp as they come and she asked merely to get specifics on the more loose aspects of the reports

The general started out with the current state of Jarnfolk activity and reaction, 'It has been validated that Dane is a mere proxy for the Dragon like we suspected', new intel shows that he has even tried to make deals within Clan factions to strike at clan home worlds. This has set the Clan council on fire and soon there will retribution, clans will handle it in their ways as always

"It continues to be of interest Emma, that Jarnfolk residence within the Dragon territory gives DC the leverage to strike others that Dane decides to raid, these blurred lines must be addressed soon, I foresee a much larger war looming"

Ray points to the diplomacy report as Emma's eyes shift to that same report, as you can see how matters are shifting and clear sides are being drawn we need to be aware of, as well as prepare for eventualities.  'How do you plan to do that general?'

I have some ideas on that madam, I assure you it will be quite interesting if the planned communications pan out, I will advise you of any and all outcomes as we proceed

Emma made the statement, 'I see the map changing within the next quarter quite significantly', Ray concurred with that statement, he knew that some stronger elements within these houses would show up and lesser factions would continue to suffer but that is always the way of war in the end.  The speed at which this attrition might occur was a bit surprising to the general, 'We will have to wait and see Emma, make our moves after a confident review of the intel'

'What of this latest DC transmission in regards to Jarnfolk?', Ray knew this question was coming and both he and Emma burst out laughing, 'next question Emma', the general replied

Emma inquired about the merc raid on Holfn sector, 'Proceeds as planned madam, we will know of the results towards the end of the week, when the intel report arrives from Glory'

'What about next phase?', the general knew retaliation would be likely and was prepared for it, 'Defense phase is set, we can assure you that you have nothing to fear Emma, let the civilians know they can continue their parties uninterrupted'

The general knew logistically that passage though to their space was possible and CC had stated earlier in a transmission that such a passage agreement with Jarnfolk was made but would it sustain if CC were contacted?

Emma asked about an update concerning the Periphery Pact, the general gave her the update and current relations with pact members, "Stronger than ever, we are in constant communication with members and have continued to declare that any and all military action taken by MoC against Jarnfolk is solely MoC decision, any retribution should be against MoC, not other members"

"What of this intel report concerning DC allowing Dane to strike OA?", Emma's question was expected, Ray returned that question with this statement, "It wouldn't be wise for DC to allow that to occur madam"

"What of this other report you sent me just recently general?", Ray laughed, "It was an idea hatched after a few drinks and some banter with the war council madam"..."Do you see any merit to it though", Emma replied... "I do madam, I do" stated the general... "Can you get the others involved parties to hear this out general?" Emma inquired... the general paced a moment, then looked at the screen and replied "it's worth a shot is it not?, I believe we can assist in a situation that would be more than beneficial to everyone involved"

Emma had that raised eyebrow going again, "Then get on with it Ray, let me know how it turns out"... "Will do madam, will do" the general replied

As the screen went black he turned to Naomi, "Get the others on screen we need to get some further details out on this plan to them to see where their interest resides with this concept"

Ray took a step back outside to kneel and grab some dirt once again, as it slipped out of his hands he slapped them together in a loud clap and stood and thought "This could get very interesting"

BattleTech/Mechwarrior Role-Play / Re: MoC Diplomacy Press Release
« on: October 06, 2017, 03:49:59 PM »
DC makes an attempt for clarity with their recent statement, MoC recognizes that call for clarity and transparency where DC didn’t complete that task

MoC has intel shows that Jarnfolk and CNC are being used as proxies, to attack Davion and FWL and certain clan factions

Periphery pact members know very well that I've claimed ownership of this escalation and activity against Jarnfolk

The 'agreement' with all other periphery pact members is crystal clear, MoC has taken action against Jarnfolk, any military response should be directed at MoC, intel shows that DC will allow Jarnfolk to strike at OA, does DC refute this claim?

MoC took a contract with WW to strike at Jarnfolk and the most likely launch point for passage south towards MoC space, Moc isn’t the only faction that recognizes the blurred line DC has created for itself in regards to Jarnfolk and DC relations and ‘housing’ of same piracy unit

For the sake of clarity these are the facts as MoC knows them, we await DC and Jarnfolk to refute any of what has been declared within this statement of response

Player's Lounge / MoC Press Release
« on: October 06, 2017, 02:41:00 PM »
MoC response concerning recent DC statement has been revised and updated within MoC Press release thread in RP forums

- Ray

BattleTech/Mechwarrior Role-Play / Re: MoC Diplomacy Press Release
« on: October 05, 2017, 11:06:43 AM »
To the Periphery State Representative of the Magistracy of Canopus:

We know.

We know everything.

Listen for our broadcast in the near future.

I'm pretty direct, so I'll decline your offer to wait on your broadcast

To your 'knowing' why would I care if you know or don't know, I'm not hiding anything

I've been blunt and rather clear and have followed up on what I've posted with action

If your intent here is to cause me worry, why? If you're preparing to join Dane in a potential attack on me or periphery state member(s) then so be it, maybe you might want to consider that I've planned for that eventuality as well...

This was between Jarnfolk and Moc, now your going to inset yourself into this tussle in this manner by being vague and quasi-threatening?  Ok then, now 'I know'

BattleTech/Mechwarrior Role-Play / Re: MoC Diplomacy Press Release
« on: October 05, 2017, 07:33:09 AM »
Intelligence reports are coming through that show that Jarnfolk plan on retaliation not against MoC but against OA, if these intelligence reports are to be verified why is DC allowing Dane access to attack OA when MoC has clearly claimed ownership of military action against Jarnfolk? Why would DC leadership allow Dane access to retaliate against a state that has taken no military action against him nor DC

Recalling this transmission, we wonder whom is really in control at this point...

We hope for long and fruitful relations with The Jarl and his people; that he adhere to the jump routes House Kurita has permitted; that he honor the conditions we have put forthright; and that he behave as one would when they are a guest in someone else's home.

We will be watching... eagerly.


MoC has and had no quarrel with DC, sure we were dismayed that they allowed Dane passage for his piracy raids but, we also knew that once that inked dried you were locked into a situation that allowed you little recourse should things turn sour

So here we are, you have a rabid dog in your backyard that you are unable to control, what action can you take to control him at this point?  Again, I'm not the main concern here, you will have larger concerns with closer neighbors should Dane continue to be allowed allowed to run amok...

I'm sure you are 'watching' as your initial transmission claimed but, that's all you can do at this point when it comes to Dane and his activities

I'll will continue to take action against Dane, and should he be allowed military strikes against any other periphery pact member OTHER than MoC the level of action against Dane will increase, I've stated this very clearly, the rest is up to others that are facilitating Dane, is it worth it to continue to support Jarnfolk at this point?

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