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NBT Rewrite
« on: May 14, 2014, 08:08:59 PM »
NBT's Lead Dev Xavier posted this in our old forums:

After 15+ years, we have decided to move the structure of the automation from its legacy PHP-based, server-side scripting implementation, to a decoupled architecture where logic and data reside on the server and presentation exists solely in the client (web browser, handheld device app, desktop application, etc). (FWIW, this used to be called "n-tier", back in the bad old days...)

We are not doing this simply "because", but instead to provide the NBT automation "as a service" (to borrow the current buzz phraseology). The new architecture will be simpler to maintain, as well as more responsive and easy to use from the user's perspective. It will also be easier to manage from an administration perspective, but most of you reading this won't care about that.

This exercise will commence immediately and take approximately 3-6 months to full completion, although the goal will be to replace sections of the current automation incrementally, using both new and old systems side by side if necessary. In other words, the current automation (as of this writing) will not actually be taken down, but instead new alternate systems will appear as they are completed.

We will keep you posted as systems and features come online.
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