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Author Topic: NBT-MWO Alpha applications close 11:59 PM GMT-7 Aug 24  (Read 3088 times)

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NBT-MWO Alpha applications close 11:59 PM GMT-7 Aug 24
« on: August 24, 2015, 01:17:54 AM »
At 11:59PM GMT-7 (PST) on Aug 24th (Monday) we will process the applications received this far and award factions for which there has only been one application received. For factions where multiple applications have been received, the following will occur:

1) Teams will be offered their second or third options, or if no alternates were specified, a faction similar to the one requested. Teams may refuse this offer, or choose another open faction (this list will be provided). If a team chooses not to take another open faction, then we will accept the withdrawal of their application for NBT-MWO Alpha.

2) For Clans with multiple applicants, there will need to be a Trial Of Possession for the faction. The Clans involved will need to handle the bidding between themselves, and scheduling of the actual trial battles. The winner of the Trial will be awarded the faction. The teams may also decide to merge, or to agree between themselves who should get the faction.

3) For Clans who lose their Trial Of Possession, they may accept an offer of their second or third choice of faction (if available), or choose another available faction. If no available faction is suitable to their tastes, then they may withdraw their application for NBT-MWO Alpha. Alternate arrangements may also be made with NBT admin, on a case-by-case basis.

3a) For factions where more than two applications have been received, we recommend a round-robin of trials (within reason) to determine the victor; normal round-robin rules apply, and arrangements will be made among the teams involved.

3c) As with non-Clan units, any Clan applicant may decide not to participate in a Trial Of Possession, and this will be treated as a normal withdrawal of application as described above.

After 11:59PM GMT-7 (PST) on Aug 24, the NBT Unit Applications page will only show units whose status is Vacant. All factions which have received applications will be set to Pending status, and will not show as available for application after that time.

Also after this time, and for a period of time to be determined, any applications received for factions whose status shows "Vacant" will be kept in reserve, but not processed. This is to allow the NBT-MWO Alpha to start up in an orderly fashion, let us work out the kinks and bugs, etc. After this "quiet" period for applications, we will start processing applications in the order received.

Note that if factions marked Vacant after 11:59PM GMT-7 (PST) on Aug 24 are awarded during the resolution of application conflicts, then those factions will change to Pending and any applications received for those factions in the interim will be rejected by NBT admin, with this reason provided to the applicant.
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