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Comstar News Network release:
26 September 3062

Alleged transcription from a speech by Khan Phelan Kell of Clan Wolf during an Arc-Royal Defense Cordon planning meeting between in the presence of Grand Duke Morgan Kell of Arc Royal.

"Due to aggression from our crusader trothkin and their puppets like Clan Jade Wolf, the Warden Clans have decided to pursue closer ties.  Star Colonel Erich Peiper has negotiated a non-aggression pact between Clan Wolf and Clan Nova Cat for the express purpose of allowing our merchant and tech caste to allow for free trade and mutual aid as deemed necessary between the two Warden Clans.  In conjunction with this aim, Clan Wolf and has also subsequently secured passage from ally Lyran Alliance through the Draconis Combine.  While these agreements are in place, we have extended the non-aggression pact with the Draconis Combine.  Clan Nova Cat has been offered the same offer from the Lyran Alliance, but we do not know if the intend to pursue it. 

Though Clan Wolf currently does not have a voice on the council, we are open to negotiating with other Warden Clans that are weary of the suicidal tendencies of the Crusader Clans and seek to create a peaceful and secure place for Kerensky's children in the inner sphere.  The Star League has reformed.  It is our place to defend the league, not to destroy it."

If the above information is to be taken at face value, it would appear that the Warden Wolves and Nova Cats have negotiated with their allies, the Lyran Alliance and Draconis Combine to allow for secure trade routes between their otherwise separated realms.  That the Lyrans and Kuritans agreed suggest Theodore Kurita and Katrina Steiner have either begun to talk, or simply agreed to ignore the dealings of their allied clans - a wise decision either way for the stability of both of their realms in the face of growing aggression by the Crusader Clans - assuming this 'warden vs. crusader' political rift is legitimate enough a cause to create trustworthy relationships.  What we know about the clans suggests they often remain rivals even in peace, with proxy battle for resources that are not considered aggressive if the battle are fought honorably.  Negotiations solved with physical and deadly 'trials' are common, not totally dissimilar to the way duels were used to establish whether one person was 'right or wrong' through martial prowess.  At what point these trials become open warfare is not understood.   

CNN is seeking to verify the legitimacy of Khan Phalen Kell's supposed speech at the ARDC meeting. 


Comstar News Network is an independent and fair news source. 

"Honesty creates Integrity which leads Trust which is necessary for Enlightenment." -Precenter Olsteen of Sian, 2946
BattleTech/Mechwarrior Role-Play / Re: Diplomacy - SA/DS
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To the attention of Khan Sean Lang of Clan Diamond Shark,

We humbly ask that you reconsider your position in forming an alliance with Clan Star Adder.

 The Snake will soon be devoured along with the Bear. But there is no reason for you to destroy yourselves.

Do not allow Clan Tsukiawase Puragu to involve you in this conflict. They are cowards who will use you as a shield as they flee from our forces. Stand aside and you will reap far greater rewards than you would ever claim from the losing side.

Your clan used to be named after the Sea Fox, but they were brought to near extinction by a far more brutal predator. We hope you will not have to change your name again.

From the desk of Tai-Sho Daimyo Shisui Sakamoto
The press release issued by the Magistracy of Canopus was both erroneous and insulting to the Draconis Combine.

At no point did we "breach" the Tukayyid line. Kanowit and the entire Xinyang sector have always been to its north. We understand some periphery states are primitive in their ability to map stars and systems. Perhaps your cartographers could benefit from visiting one of our facilities and getting a formal education in astrometrics.

It should also be noted that only clan elements are capable of breaching the truce. An education in linguistics may also be in order.

We understand that there has been tension between the JàrnFòlk and certain Periphery States but it is vital to remember that we are not their keepers. Jarl Dane is both honorable and reasonable. We are confident in your abilities to negotiate a cessation of hostilities with him.

We pray for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

From the desk of Hosei Shimabara, Press Minister to Shogun Hiro Kurita
Wolf-Adder operations continued without a hitch.  At the upper echelons, staffs conducted joint planning sessions and assigned Clusters tasks within the intricate tasks of fending off potential Lyran and Exile incursions, while concurrently freeing up forces for attacks to divert Kuritan efforts away from Alshain while attempting to shore up the second line units defending the sector.  Wolves and Adders both recognized it was likely a failing effort regardless, but it made no difference.  Every attempt to stem the Kuritan breach of the Bear sector had to be undertaken to prevent further predations by the other Inner Sphere factions at play.

At the tactical level, continued interoperability exercises and joint raids played out.  Winged Vipers of the 373rd launched to join Wolf forces to the east to augment warriors involved in raids and the defense of Alshain itself.  Only time and the fury of fire in battle would tell whether these efforts were in anyway worth the effort, but both sides knew they had to try.

Ever pragmatic, as his Clan promoted within its ranks, the Galaxy Commander still struggled to rein in his dismay at the situation throughout the Clans.  Seething quietly, he struggled to restrain himself from a growing rage over the constant talk the recent reformation of the Grand Council engendered vice actual action.  While Wolf, Adder and Bear fought the strongest foe the Clans had faced in sometime, a revitalized Draconis Combine, heady with victories from its time helping to anchor the resurgent Star League Defense Forces, itself a mockery of the Clans' great lineage -- other Clans contributed nothing to the war effort but words.  He could only hope that the final Harvest Trials in the Homeworld Cluster and the urgings of other Clan Commanders to their Khans to work harder at pushing forces into the Occupation Zone would swiftly bear fruit.  Otherwise there was potential that there would not be a functional OZ to travel to.
Bitter Fighting on the Capellan March!
Comstar News Network Transmission
September 25, 3062

Taren Kristek, CNN News Anchor: In our broadcast earlier today we promised to bring you updates on the absolutely bitter fighting between multiple factions on the Capellan March. Here to help explain these goings-on is one of our favorite panelists, Mischa Karmoulitis, a respected political analyst with the Outworlds Foundation. Mischa, welcome.

Mischa Karmoulitis, Political Analyst, Outworlds Foundation: Thank you Taren, we have a lot to cover, so I am going to dive right in. For years the border region between the Capellan Confederation and Federated Suns has been one of the most volatile in the Inner Sphere. Battles between Liao and Davion troops, plus conflicts related to breakaway areas like the Tihkonov Commonality and St. Ives Compact have kept things at a boil for hundreds of years. Now with the resumption of fighting all over human space, this area is again a hotbed of fighting.

Taren Kristek, CNN News Anchor: That is all true Mischa, but who are the combatants now and what are they fighting over?

[Holomap appears and lighting bolt symbols populate as analyst speaks]

Mischa Karmoulitis, Political Analyst, Outworlds Foundation: The known parties in the battles of course include the usual forces from the Capellan Confederation and Federated Suns, but this time around additional factions from the Periphery have joined the fray. Forces from the Outworlds Alliance have been spotted raiding Capellan systems and in a strange twist, Taurian Concordat forces are engaged in heavy fighting, but not against the Fed Suns as they have been in the past, but instead in head-to-head combat against their supposed partner in the Trinity Alliance, House Liao. You can include the Eridani Light Horse mercenary regiment in the mix; they appear to be under contract to the Fed Suns and they have engaged in raids against the Capellans too. And finally, there are rumors that Tortuga has raided the Fed Suns but most chalk that up to piracy more than anything else.

Taren Kristek, CNN News Anchor: Wow, what has House Liao done to spark all of these attacks against them? Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao is generally considered a political mastermind, how have things gone so wrong?

Mischa Karmoulitis, Political Analyst, Outworlds Foundation: It really seems like the Federated Suns has orchestrated the campaign to some degree; the Taurian Concordat and Outworlds Alliance can hurt the Capellans badly but do not represent a threat to their survival. But by attacking alongside the troops of a major house, plus their mercenaries these smaller factions have an opportunity to take resources and strengthen their positions, while minimizing risk. And for the Fed Suns, having others attacking the Capellans make it easier to keep House Liao on their heels and away from the numerous systems that House Davion has wrested from their grasp over the last fifty years. Right now it looks like there are so many groups trying to attack the Capellans that it is hard for them to simultaneously launch their raids.

Taren Kristek, CNN News Anchor: Mischa, we heard a report of a recent battle between a unit of the Outworlds Alliance Military and veteran Liao House troops that featured some impressive shooting by the Alliance Forces. Can you tell our viewers about that?

[Analyst smiles and tosses her hair]

Mischa Karmoulitis, Political Analyst, Outworlds Foundation: Well Taren, I think you know that I grew up on Alpheratz, the capital of the Outworlds Alliance and this story makes me proud.

Mischa Karmoulitis, Political Analyst, Outworlds Foundation: The OWA isn’t really known as a military powerhouse, but it seems that they have some elite units of their own that are beginning to gain a reputation. An OWA battlemech unit called the Ghost of Nox Regiment recently engaged Capellan Confederation units in the Styk sector. There were unconfirmed reports that a single Nox Regiment mechwarrior destroyed eight Capellan mechs in a firefight.

Taren Kristek, CNN News Anchor: He destroyed EIGHT enemy mechs!?

Mischa Karmoulitis, Political Analyst, Outworlds Foundation: That is what the reports indicated. Then later today an anonymous source provided us with a file containing cockpit footage from several Ghost of Nox pilots that participated in the battle. The fight was a meeting engagement in mostly low-lying swampy terrain with a few rocky plateaus and ended up as a victory for the raiders from the Outworlds Alliance, although they suffered extremely heavy casualties.

Taren Kristek, CNN News Anchor: But was the report true? And what was the name of the mechwarrior?

Mischa Karmoulitis, Political Analyst, Outworlds Foundation: In this case those initial reports turned out to be very close to the truth. The mechwarrior in question is named Vox Ghost and in the battle he was piloting a light battlemech called a “Wolfhound”. Each side entered the fight with two lances of battlemechs  and things got ugly fast with numerous mechs going down on both sides early on. Vox Ghost used the speed of his mech and good positioning to constantly evade enemy fire, and with excellent shooting destroyed two enemy battlemechs. But he soon found that only he and two teammates were left against five House Liao mechs and things looked grim.

Mischa Karmoulitis, Political Analyst, Outworlds Foundation: The fighting intensified, and one by one the other Ghost Nox mechwarriors were knocked out of the fight, leaving Vox Ghost in his Wolfhound alone against an Assassin, Centurion and a Griffin, all battlemechs that were heavier than his machine.

Mischa Karmoulitis, Political Analyst, Outworlds Foundation:  Despite being alone and badly damaged, Vox Ghost proceeded to methodically destroy the remaining Liao mechs, picking their legs off with well-aimed laser fire.

Mischa Karmoulitis, Political Analyst, Outworlds Foundation: The last Capellan mech was a Centurion, armed with a massive autocannon that could have finished Vox Ghosts’ battered Wolfhound with a single shot. But again the OWA warrior used his speed, agility and outstanding marksmanship in a cat and mouse game. Finally he ruthlessly blasted the legs off the heavier ‘mech, winning the battle for the Ghost of Nox Regiment. Our analysts reviewed the footage carefully and they confirm that he should be credited with the kill on all of the Capellan battlemechs but one - an amazing performance!

Mischa Karmoulitis, Political Analyst, Outworlds Foundation:I would really like to meet that pilot to offer him my personal congratulations!

Taren Kristek, CNN News Anchor: That’s the type of shooting that will make enemies of the Outworld Alliance think twice Mischa! Comstar is making this footage, along with the other two battles between House Liao and the Ghost of Nox regiment available to all of our viewers via the link on your screen below. The 1 on 3 battle begins at about the 30 minute mark. Good night!

The Marian Hegemony would also like to declare its increased commitment to the Periphery Pact and requests diplomatic levels with the Outworlds Alliance and Magistracy of Canopus be increased to +10.
Outworlds alliance ratifies its commitment (ooc: +10with my boyz por favor) to our mutual defense pact, and as we speak is taking actions to secure our allies borders, and to defend our economic relations in the region.
Comstar News Network Editorial Staff: We would like to thank Khan Phelan Kell for his interest in the quoted article and for his rebuttal.

Comstar News Network is deeply committed to providing accurate, entertaining broadcasts for viewers all over the human universe including, it seems, viewers in the Clan Invasion corridor.

We close this response by pointing out that we made multiple attempts to contact the ilKhan of the Clans so that we could obtain firsthand information abut the intentions of the Clan Battlemechs that have been making war on planets well beyond the line of the Truce of Tukayyid, but we have not received a reply.

Perhaps Khan Phelan Kell could do the courtesy of forwarding our inquiries to the ilKhan, whoever he or she might be?


The Editors   
Rebuttal from Khan Phalen Kell, Clan Wolf
Arc-Royal, ARDC

To call any attack into the Inner Sphere by Clan Nova Cat a violation of the truce is absurd.  Have you heard of the Star League?  Did they not bid to fight against Clan Smoke Jaguar in their trial of Annihilation via the Star League Defense Force?  They are not bound by the Treaty of Tukkayid and more than Clan Wolf is, because we are now integrated into the Inner Sphere.  Clans Steel Viper, Diamond Shark, Ghost Bear, Jade Falcon, their vassals, the Jade Wolves are the only Clans affected by the Truce.  I would suggest that other Warden Clans should be considered into inclusion into the Inner Sphere as well to help reduce the threat posed by those who wish to destroy the Star League rather than protect it. 

We have stated our views clearly.  Now, the question you all have to ask yourself is: who is behind the CNN network?  They either lie or are ill-informed, quiaff?  Either way, I suggest you either research the news for yourself or find a more reliable network.
There is already the Planets, the Dropships and the Jumpships pages, under Faction Tools. I've had requests to expand the Planets page to include additional information, so that's where it would likely end up.
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