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Title: Eagle News - Unit Profile Blackthornes Dragoons
Post by: Eagle News on January 11, 2018, 04:22:29 PM

Welcome back to Eagle News! I am your anchor Christina Daily, and today we bring you a story about a little-known mercenary unit that has been in the news recently. With the recent decision by Captain-General Thomas Marik to appoint the Duke of Oriente as Lord Commander over all Free Worlds League Military forces, the officers and military units close to the Duke have been placed in positions of authority throughout the Free Worlds League Military.


One of these is the Blackthornes Dragoons, formerly a regiment-sized battlemech unit with long service in the  Duchy of Oriente. More recently, Blackthornes has grown significantly and is known to have close ties with major defense manufacturers like Oriente Weapon Works and StarCorp Industries.

After the break, special correspondent Riley Garrison brings us the results of his investigation!

Title: Re: Eagle News - Unit Profile Blackthornes Dragoons
Post by: Eagle News on January 11, 2018, 05:26:13 PM
Welcome Back again, now on Eagle News we go to special correspondent Riley Garrison, who has spent weeks investigating Blackthornes Dragoons. Riley?

Thanks Christina! I am reporting from the world Emeris IV, in the Duchy of Oriente, which is along the Capellan March of the Free Worlds League. It is here that over 70 years ago Blakthornes Dragoons arrived in their ancient Jumpship to take service with Duke Halas of Oriente. The history of the unit before accepting a long-term contract with the Halas family is not known, but their exploits since then are a matter of some interest to the people of Emeris IV and many young men and women from this planet have enlisted in the Dragoons over the years.


During the early years of their service to the Duchy of Oriente Blackthornes Dragoons initially made their mark in anti-pirate expeditions in the Periphery. While in the Periphery the Dragoons were responsible for the destruction of several feared pirate forces, including the Heart Guard, Fire Eyes, Kearny Ravagers, and Rusted Jesters. Not only did Blackthornes Dragoons manage to root out these pirate bands, but afterwards enlisted many of the former pirates into the unit. Through their efforts numerous periphery planets made agreements of friendship with the Free Worlds League and the Duke of Orientes' business interests in the region benefited as well.

In 3010 the unit distinguished itself by playing a key role in suppressing the Cap Rouge Rebellion a significant uprising that was later overshadowed by the horrors of the Marik Civil War that raged throughout the Free Worlds League. Documents that have been recently unsealed here on Emeris IV show that the commander of Dragoons at that time, Colonel Omar McGowan, convinced the Duke of Andurien to dispatch the unit to protect his interests in the Periphery during this period.


As a result, the Dragoons avoided being drawn into the vicious fighting during the early stages of the Civil War. The records become a little thin at this point, with some sections that appear to have been removed later. But it seems clear that at least a Battalion of Blackthornes Dragoons wanted to support Anton Marik in his rebellion.

During this time, a major supply depot owned by the Dragoons on the Periphery world of Aspropirgos was seized by the planetary government as part of their plan to get free of FWL rule and transfer their allegiance to the Magistracy of Canopus and House Centrella. This betrayal proved to be a flashpoint, with parts of the unit announcing their plans to join Anton Mariks' rebellion, and the remainder of the unit pledging to fight on the side of Janos Mariks' government in order to eliminate their brothers-in-arms.

The former comrades met in battle at a Dragoons base on the mountain planet Salur and the traitors were defeated and destroyed utterly. Under threat from Blackthornes Dragoons, the planet Aspirogos never followed through with their planet to secede from the Free Worlds League.

Back to you Christina.

It's amazing that you have found out so much about this unit thank you! In Part 2 of our report on Blackthornes Dragoons, Garrison Riley will share information about the current leadership of the unit and their ties with major industrial partners like Oriente Weapon Works. Until then, good night!

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