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 The truce merely prevented the Clans from approaching any closer to Terra than Tukayyid, leaving numerous worlds above the truce line, including the Draconis Combine's capitol of Luthien, open to attack.
What is beyond a doubt is that the Truce of Tukayyid is over.

Comstar News Network

Brother Augustus Grim, Lead Anchor: In accordance with the Holy Word of Blake, we bring you this urgent news update. According to multiple sources, over the last two months, the Arc-Royal Defense Cordon has been under attack by no less than THREE clans.  Reports and ROMs of fighting have leaked out that show Clan Wolf in Exile battling against mechs with unit markings that clearly identify them as Clan Wolf, Clan Star Adder, and Clan Jade Falcon.  The first raid, initiated by Clan Wolf was the most devastating.  It was said that entire dropships worth of mechs and cash were removed in a second wave of assaults beyond the first, with no batchall and no fighting.


Brother Augustus Grim, Lead Anchor: Grand Duke Morgan Kell, released this statement yesterday: 

Grand Duke Morgan Kell: "The clans who have been attacking have been doing just that.  These are no traditional clan trials.  No batchalls have been broadcast. They are deliberate acts of war.  Clan Wolf - that is, my son's Wolves - have requested the honor to fight the enemy and I have granted his request.  The surprise attacks by the crusader Wolves and Star Adders caught our friends off-guard, and they were unsuccessful in repelling the first two raids.  The most recent raids are the usual cross border fights that have existed between the Jade Falcons and House Steiner.  My own Kell Hounds have been taking the fight to the enemy in hopes of keeping the Jade Falcons at bay.  How successful they have been, we will not know as our intelligence of the overall strength of the Jade Falcons, or their allies who have been staging raids through their territory, is unknown.  Rest assured, though, there is no lack of fight within the ranks of our armies in the ARDC, and the Archon has let us know that we have her full support should we need it.  The ARDC is secure, and with it, the Lyran borders."

Brother Augustus Grim, Lead Anchor: As it was allegedly Clan Wolf In Exile's units that faced the incoming raids, CNN has reached out to the them for further details.  Unfortunately, like his father, Phelan has refused to allow us to interview him.  However, according to a the Arc-Royal Tribune, one of the Wolf officers did grant an interview. We have secured rebroadcast rights to this interview and present it to you now.


Arc-Royal Tribune Reporter: Star Colonel, what can you tell our readers about these attacks?

Star Colonel Erich Peiper: My former brothers, the Crusader Wolves attacked us first.  They did great damage to us, and I can only attribute their fury and wrath to some sort of jealousy that we exist at all.  After being defeated and subjugated by the Falcons, they must feel inferior and looking for someone in a similarly poor position to attack.  That they would use our political differences - or jealousy - as a reason to  attack us is a sign that Vlad Ward, their self-proclaimed leader is probably off his rocker.  Why the Star Adders attacked after them, I do not know.  In both cases, they made no demands.  They simply attacked.  I will say that at least in the fights against us, they fought with honor.  The reasons for their attacks and a lack of any formal declaration of intentions and lack of a batchall has created an air of hostility that will require a great deal of diplomacy should they wish to patch things up.

Arc-Royal Tribune Reporter: And what about the most recent attacks, launched by Clan Jade Falcon?

Star Colonel Erich Peiper: The Falcons have attacked us recently, and we beat them back successfully.  They did not declare a batchall and they fought dishonorably.*  While we have never considered ourselves at peace with the Falcons since the war of refusal, we do see this as a sign they are refusing to accept that we remain undefeated.  It may be that we will have to defeat them before they recognize that they never have, and never will, have any power over the true Clan Wolf.


Brother Augustus Grim, Lead Anchor: The prospect of peace between the ARDC - or the rest of the Lyran Alliance - and the Clans looks to be far away.  While Clan Ghost Bear seems to have been beaten into submission on the Kurita front, the rest of the 'crusaders' have not seemed to let up on their attacks on the inner sphere.  What is beyond a doubt is that the Truce of Tukayyid is over.  What is in question is whether the Clans will stick to raiding or push their borders out further.  Reports from within the occupation zone are unreliable at best.  It is heartening, though, that if they ARE pushing, they are not being successful at taking any territory even if they sometimes win the fights.  Do they not have the strength, the unity, or is it that the Inner Sphere has finally caught up to them and are ready for them?  After all, there was a time when a small number Clan mechs was all that was needed to subdue a world.  One thing is for sure.  If the Clans unify and invade again, they will have a much tougher go  of it. 

Until next time, Peace of Blake unto you.

*Note from Comstar Research Staff: There is no explanation of what fighting 'honorably' is.  Whether this comes to treatment of prisoners or wounded, or whether this is some sort of chivalrous notions, the system by which the clans conduct war remains murky in understanding.  It is known from early in the Clan Invasion that the clans' overall behavior was often systematically irrational.  As the invasion went on, some remained so, and others, like the Jaguars, went from ritualistic to ruthless very early on.  For further information, we recommend reading Precentor-Marshal Anastasius Focht's ROM: My time with the Clans: a study in contradictions.

Oct. 2, 3062
Solzen “Sol” Clan Diamond Shark Loremaster

Heraclitus of ancient Terra said “Everything changes, nothing stands still.” Many clans cling to their tradition, like an anchor in this sea of change. They stay rooted, hoping to outlast the strong currents in that ocean but we Sharks know that the ocean is not gentle. After a while it will wear down on that anchor’s chain until something snaps. Our clan has not survived so long by this same foolish notion. We do not fight the ocean.  Our traditions are our tail, our fins, steering us through the endless turmoil of this galaxy.

This flexibility has led us to far greater prosperity than our brothers and sisters. Our citizens are generally more happy and therefore produce better goods for us. Our scientists enjoy freedoms that in turn fosters innovation. Despite all we lost, we have recovered and we have recovered well because we do not fear change. As our totem animal fears nothing in its home oceans, neither do we.

Our Khan has now made our first move of this new era by taking both Hoard and Barcella. Now as I survey the streets of Evergreen, the capital of Hoard, from the cockpit of my Huntsman, my heart is filled with anticipation. None dared to challenge us for these planets and while seemingly insignificant, our defensive capabilities have doubled, making us a formidable opponent indeed.

The people here were afraid when we first arrived. No other clans had taken any interest in their world before and their economy showed signs of failure without any real support. Their defenses were meager and they made no attempts to stop our ships from landing, in a display of submission their leaders came to greet us in person. They were surprised to find us amiable and eager to bring them into our fold. We will teach them our ways and they will in time strengthen our economy, giving us an edge over our far more rigid brothers and sisters.

Already we have begun unloading the necessary equipment to rebuild their world and bring them up to the standards they will need in order to produce for the clan. In the distance I can see heavy farming equipment coming off a drop ship normally used to ferry military equipment, this will end the cycles of starvation and drought that have plagued this planet for too long. Here along the city streets themselves, already engineers are taking measurements and discussing how to improve upon the dilapidated infrastructure that crumbles all around us. It may take years, but this place will be a beacon of strength. An example to the other clans on how we should conduct ourselves. These people are our charges, as The Great Father taught our people in their youth, they should be cared for and nurtured into a strong society not trampled underfoot like weeds.

As we strengthen our hold on this planet, our gaze is drawn elsewhere; towards the vast resources of the Inner Sphere. However, in order to reach that market we will first set our sights inward, at the Home World Cluster. Here we will take what we need in order to open new trade routes with new allies and herald in an era of prosperity. The era The Great Father dreamt of. Woe unto any who oppose us.
Undisclosed Planet

The planet chosen for the exercise was a dusty agricultural world that had been settled by the followers of a strict religious sect hundreds of years before. Most of the inhabitants traveled by horse and wagon and there wasn't even electricity except in one or two small cities that housed port facilities to export crops off-world.

The peace and quiet was shattered by a swarm of round dropships thundering down out of the predawn skies, kicking up massive clouds of dust and smoke as they settled in a vast wheat field. Almost two battalions of mechs emerged from the dropships, painted in a mix of Outworlds Alliance, Federated Suns and Eridani Light Horse colors. The huge force of mechs broke into two massive columns that stomped away across the countryside in opposite directions.

Each column was led by a small group of Federated Suns hovercraft mounting large speakers. The hovercraft zipped ahead of the columns, zooming past farmhouses and workers in the fields with their speakers blaring:
"This is a Federated Suns Military Exercise, Stay Clear!"
"Present Claims For Property Damage To The Planetary Governor!"
"This is a Federated Suns Military Exercise, Stay Clear!"
"Present Claims For Property Damage To The Planetary Governor!"

Then, elements from the two huge columns of mechs split off and engaged one another. Lasers flashed and cannons rumbled as they skirmished. The terrified farmers hiding in their barns and basements didn't even see that none of the mechs were damaged - periodically as fire was focused on them some of the massive machines would shut down in place, "destroyed" in the simulated battle. 

Running fights raged throughout the long day, with the only true casualties several fields of alfalfa and a long row of haystacks that caught fire when they were hit by a burst of practice cannon rounds. Finally all of the mechs stomped off back towards their dropships and parked. As techs swarmed over the massive machines, laughing mechwarriors gathered under a pair of huge tents that had been erected at the center of the field.

In no time support staff broke out coolers full of ice-cold beers and a huge field mess began cooking a meal for the FedSuns, OWA and Light Horse personnel. Good-natured drinking games, a long round of toasts and general tomfoolery passed the time until dinner was ready and then everyone attacked the food with the same gusto they had shown in battle.

As the evening wore on and liquor was added to the flow of beer, clumps of drunken mechwarriors from all three of the allied groups wandered off, talking and laughing under the stars.

At a wooden table borrowed from a nearby farmhouse, the ranking Federated Suns, Outworlds Alliance and Eridani Light Horse officers drank toast after toast, laughing as they shared war stories. Finally, Puggs Hunter, the senior representative of the OWA present, rose to his feet swaying drunkenly at first then steadying himself.

"To our honored allies!" he shouted, then he slammed downed the rest of the whiskey in his glass. The officers seated around the table all raised their glasses as well and emptied them with a cheer.

Smiling, Puggs waited for the men to finish downing their beverages, then raised his hand to gather their attention again. "Before we departed Alpheratz, our esteemed President Naterist summoned me and asked that I be sure to give all of you his warmest regards.... and a gift!"

With that, he made a grand gesture towards a nearby OWA dropship. Everyone turned and watched as a small six-wheeled vehicle emerged from the ship, bright bunting and twinkling lights blinking merrily all over it as it trundled down the ramp and drove to the tent. Loud throbbing music suddenly began blasting from the vehicle as the side of the truck facing the tent slowly levered down and settled against the ground forming a low stage.

The confused officers peered into the open side of the truck for a moment, then cheered lustily as flashing lights came on, revealing a line of imported Capellan Hookers dressed in skimpy outfits. The girls strolled out onto the stage, waving at the shouting men as they launched into a dance routine.


"Now let's Party!" shouted Puggs Hunter.


To Commander, ELH
From OWA Liaison Officer, GDH Crash
Operational Report: Federated Suns/Outworlds Alliance/ELH Joint Exercise

Digest: The planned Joint Exercise was successfully conducted on a world provided by the Federated Suns Capellan March Command.

Command and control elements with line mechwarriors from the allied forces conducted simulated battles, including integrated exercises. Leaders from all three forces had the opportunity to work with allied pilots and extensive exchange of tactical ideas, battlemech loadouts and maneuver techniques was completed.

I judge our forces ready for a fully-integrated Sector Assault on the enemy at the next opportunity. 

Additional reports forthcoming.



Thank you for your excellent questions! The Chief of our office of financial management has assigned me to assist you with your inquiries and complete any other needed tasks so that you will feel comfortable with investing! After reviewing these answers, please let me know if there is anything I can personally do to assist you with making your investment decision.

Q. How are the returns generated?

A. The Eridani Light Horse has an extensive portfolio of economic development and professional management projects that can be quickly executed through an infusion of capital. Money raised by the Bond Debenture will be used to accelerate those projects, enhancing the already-solid ELH balance sheet and generating new revenues that will make servicing this relatively small debt even easier!

Q. Not that ELH would do it...but as a mercenary unit that cannot be attacked at home....if they elected to screw over these investors....oh my lol.

A. The Eridani Light Horse has a sterling reputation and a 300 year-long history of honorable dealings with business partners from all over human space. In addition, due to the economic strength of our homeworld, substantial cash reserves and high level of income from long-term contracts with premier partners, servicing the monthly payments to bondholders will be easy, even if the maximum issuance of 1 billion C-Bills is achieved! Therefore the Light Horse has no incentive to to take advantage of Investors.

Although he was more or less blacked out. Mostly more, but sometimes less; a message did manage to filter itself through the correct channels somewhere, someway and an JàrnFòlk Herald eventually contacted the Diplomatic corps of the Lyran Alliance.

"This is an official Herald for the JàrnFòlk. I've recently received a.. pee-stained...napkin with some half legible writing in what I really hope was a red pen that I believe seems to state we've come to some sort of arrangement between our two people? Including a reference to your periphery neighbor.. could..uh..do you uh.. have maybe some paperwork on your side you could send to us? Or walk us through the deal again? We Heralds.. we uh.. well, while the err napkin itself is.. in its own way quite official and from a uhh source that has the authority to make these high level diplomatic decisions, we'd just like a little more clarity on the matter. If nothing else could you walk us through the arrangement we've seem to have made?

Thanks for your time and willingness to help us sort of this minor confusion!"

-The Heralds Here of the JàrnFòlk
NBT-Classic General / Re: Does any one have a old clinet.
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Last cycle would be best or a older one would also do.

I am interested in the maps not the clients its self. There were some classic maps we played on that were alot fun.

Not that ELH would do it...but as a mercenary unit that cannot be attacked at home....if they elected to screw over these investors....oh my lol.
How are the returns generated?
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