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That is a funny-looking roast-beef sandwich....

In an official release from New Avalon HQ the First Prince made the following declaration:

"All Armed Forces of the Federated Suns are recalled from the front through the New Year for the annual Victor Davion Krampus Festival on New Avalon."

In conjunction with this announcement, the organizing committee for this year's Victor Davion Krampus Festival has announced that the event is sponsored by Arby's:

Try the new Space bacon beef and cheddar, Only 10 cbills!

Comstar News Network

From the Editors: Greetings from Comstar; may you all be Blessed by the Word of Blake in his season of joy and celebration!

Hostilities within human space never come to a full stop, but we are pleased to report that across the Galaxy the pace of conflict has subsided. There are still minor raids here and there and of course the tragic stalemate between the Capellan Confederation and the Taurian Concordat in the Menke Sector continues.

Wherever there are opposing forces, we ask that you take a brief pause in your battles to consider the benevolent spirit and wisdom of Jerome Blake, without whom we would all be living in darkness. Bring Blake into your heart, give the gift of well-wishes, delivered quickly and accurately by your local Comstar HPG station, and rejoice!

As part of a centuries-long tradition the Precentors of Comstar are deep in meetings with this year's High Intercessor, Veronica Alman. The High Intercessor is a symbolic representation of Blake's gift to humanity in the form of an offering to the Precentors on Blake's behalf.

Veronica Alman, 3062 High Intercessor

We know that this time of peace will pass and conflicts will again escalate but until then, Peace of Blake be with you.

Comstar News Network

General Anders Storn (retired), Comguard: Good evening and all due praise to Blake. I am retired General Anders Storn, formely of Comguard. Brother Grim is away from the studios and in his absence I have the honor of bringing you updates on the titanic struggle between the Capellan Confederation and the Taurian Concordat in the Menke Sector.

Menke Sector, scene of the struggle

General Anders Storn (retired), Comguard: Running battles continue to rage between the House Liao Defenders and attacking forces of the Taurian Concordat on almost every planet of the sector. According to reports, two battles in particular have had tragic consequences for local populations. On the airless world of Decatur, home to specialized industrial facilities, a major environmental dome was breached, resulting in an unknown number of civilians suffocating due to lost air pressure. It is unknown whether the breach was intentional, but there was a major engagement between units of the Tikonov Commonality Armed Forces and the Taurian Military in the area where the breach occurred.   

Breached environmental dome on Decatur

General Anders Storn (retired), Comguard: Meanwhile, in the capital city of the planet Madras battlemech forces from both sides used flamers, resulting in fires that rapidly spread. Heavy winds caused the conflagration to grow into a firestorm that swept across five square miles of the densely-populated area leaving devastation in it's wake. Both sides in the fighting blame the other for the firestorm.

Madras city, devastated by a firestorm that erupted during a major battle

General Anders Storn (retired), Comguard: For now, these rival powers appear to be locked in a stalemate in the Menke Sector. It pains all of us here at Comstar to think about the tragic loss of life that has happened and we hope that civilian casualties will be minimized throughout the rest of the campaign. Once the battle finally swings to one side or the other, we will be here to bring you updates. In the Name of Blake, good night.

Comstar News Network

Aiko Suzue, Trinity University of Tharkad: Greetings in the Name of Blake; I am Aiko Suzue, filling in for Brother Augustus Grim while he is at a Comstar retreat.

We previously reported that the Lyran Alliance and Clan Jade Falcon are engaged in probing attacks against one another in the Arc-Royal Sector and in the surrounding regions.  Preliminary reports on the fighting have made it back to the ComStar studios and we wish to update our viewers.

Aiko Suzue, Trinity University of Tharkad: Elements of the Skye Rangers of Terra launched raids on several worlds in the Arc-Royal sector, possibly scouting to see if Clan Jade Falcon can be dislodged from these recently-conquered worlds. All indications are that despite having taken significant losses in the previous Sector Assault, Clan Jade Falcon had plenty of defensive units on hand to meet the Rangers at every turn. The Lyran Alliance forces withdrew in good order after clashing with the Falcons on several planets.

Aiko Suzue, Trinity University of Tharkad: Local news reports from planets in Pandora Sector of the Lyran Alliance support our previous report that Clan Jade Falcon was launching raids there. According to several accounts many of the Jade Falcon mechs carried markings associated with the 79th Raptor Talon Cluster. The attackers clashed with Lyran Alliance forces on four worlds and then withdrew.

Aiko Suzue, Trinity University of Tharkad: For now, it looks like there will be at least a brief pause in the Jade Falcon offensive, but only time will tell if they experience the same success fighting the Lyrans that they had battling the Exile Wolves. We will bring you further updates as they become available. In the Name of Blake, good night.

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Honored Khans and Clan Leaders, the Watch's Executive Summary - (Week 46)

Warriors all, the Watch sees troubling times ahead for the Clans.  For all of our recent good fortune against the Inner Sphere forces, the cracks and fissures within our own great enterprise become more and more evident with each passing day.  The Harvest Trials come to a close, but with that end comes rancor and resentment, all traits unenviable in any leader who would call themselves a child of Kerensky or his exalted eight hundred and yet the signs are there.

While we remain beholden only to this council, lacking an ilKhan, we have refrained from digging too deeply into the machinations of the many Clans, in an effort to not shy away from our mandate as servitors of the Clan, but current winds bring to our ears, troubling concerns that this council must hear and we counsel you to address.

Before we address those concerns, let us first acknowledge the tactical and operational events of recent days, so that the context is fully understood by the Council.

As to the aforementioned Harvest Trial, Kirin fell to the Winged Viper and Sky Fang Clusters of the Star Adders in brutal fighting against Alpha Galaxy of the Diamond Sharks.  The blunting of the Adders in the swamps and bogs of Kirin's lower continent of Vagoda was a true testement to the skill and dedication of the Sharks, who were only to be overwhelmed on the Kirin's lone moon, and in fighting around the forests of Krin's capital before the fighting ended in a pyhric victory for the Adders.  Both sides reduced Binaries were attrited so badly that only three, limping and nearly weaponless Adder mechs were all that remained to claim the planetary capital in the fourth and final battle.

Now, the Falcons and Wolves remain to fight the final battle of the Harvest, with the fate of Suffolk hanging in the balance.  Already a reinforced cluster of Wolves sits planetside, watching the uncontested burn to planetside of an even larger force of Falcons, as both sides have bid away aerospace assets for control of the planet.  With safecon offered to the Falcons, their Dropships are expected to land within the next several days and for combat to begin in earnest almost immediately afterwards.

Tactically, the front along the OZ has largely stabilized.  Within the occupation Zone, the Falcon's launched a blooding raid into the planet of Danzibar 16, wiping away a corrupt and impotent planetary militia and then staging a series of duels against a force of mercenaries sent by the Federated Suns to investigate the planet's drop from the HPG communications network.  The 79th "Raptor's Talons" Cluster of the Falcon Touman successfully prosecuted the battles against a surprisingly honorable mercenary foe.  This is further changing our understanding of the differences between how some mercenaries within the Inner Sphere are significantly different than the bandit caste scum we found in the Periphery and among our own backwater worlds that are worth attention only for the effort taken to wipe them from existence.

Additionally, the Falcons easily held off raiding Lyrans as the Falcons reinforced and cemented their gains in the newly acquired Arc-Royal sector.  Within 24 hours, another raid launched by the Falcons is expected to make planet fall among three of the planets in the Lyran Pandora sector, will see the returning Raptors Talons back in action after no respite from their earlier raid on Danzibar-16.  Whether or not these Binaries will have been able to make the needed repairs and maintain their people through injury and combat wounds, will be demonstrated in close combat on these planets.

The raid by the Wolve's Golden Keshik went as expected on Irece, with them blooding the Nova Cats effectively.  Whether this will blunt Nova Cat efforts in the future is unknown, but clearly they seem to have lost some of the protection of the Draconis Combine benefactors they relied upon previously in rattling their sabers. 

Ultimately, these events, combined with the utter collapse of the Wolves in Exile along the Arc-Royal salient points to gain after gain for the Clans.  But herein lies the calm before the storm as the Watch sees it.

Constant communiques between the Clans, unit movements, and recent industrial ramp ups clearly point to multiple Clans furthering their war machines but we must counsel this Council that all of these signs do not point to renewed efforts within the OZ, but point instead to brewing warfare among our own.

It is clear from recent intercepts (cultivated largely in passing, not in direct efforts to monitor our own, a clear sign to the recent apathy among our own regarding operational security - but that is another matter), that there is significant resentment brewing.  The smaller Home Worlds Clans feel they are not given equitable opportunity for the limited resources available for capture, further incentivizing them to band together against potentially larger Clans.  Others resent the political manueverings and machinations of their rivals that they feel distinctly lack honor, even as we all struggle to adjust to the post-Truce paradigm that is our reality.  Multiple Clans chafe at the lack of efforts to repudiate the Truce, seeing it as yet another method by which rivals yoke and marginalize them.  At this time, the Watch has discovered two of the largest Dropships already under construction across Clan Holdings, a relatively unheard of purchase in these times and forces earmarked for immediate deployment. Mechs numbering in the hundreds have been seen marshaling across multiple planets, but without declared IS targets.  These marshaling efforts, industrial ramp ups across multiple factories and few if any launching sites into IS territory (especially along the truce line) indicate that something else must be afoot.  Watch analysts concur that Inter-Clan efforts are the most likely answer and clearest danger to our future plans.  Reining in and addressing these issues soon, may be the only thing that forestalls outright war between the Clans and frankly we reassert our recommendation for a search for an ilKhan among the Council.
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o7....   I know.   It's been so long since we got a new map, I rather forget how long they take to learn.   Good times all around!
BattleTech/Mechwarrior Role-Play / Re: Eridani Light Horse - A Strange Encounter
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::OOC:: Many thanks to Geg and the warriors of R79T for the scrimmage last night. We had a good time, learned some sharp lessons and definitely benefited from getting in some matches on Rubellite Oasis.

BattleTech/Mechwarrior Role-Play / Eridani Light Horse - A Strange Encounter
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Danziger 16 System Nadir Jump Point

Danziger 16 was a disputed system whose now-depleted uranium mines had once made it an important planet. Discovered early on in the age of exploration Danziger was a waypoint and fueling station for early starships. But as the major uranium mines gradually became exhausted and fusion reactors began to replace older fission systems on ships Danziger 16 slipped into irrelevance.

In theory the Free Worlds League and the Federated Suns both claimed the system, but they had never fought over it and very seldom even bothered sending military units on visits to show their flags. Most of the time the only organized force on the planet was the Civil Militia, and given the endemic corruption in the Planetary Government, the  Militia could be bought and sold by anyone who had the c-bills and cared enough to spend them.

But when the Manager of the small Dynamico Limited uranium processing plant sent a frantic message requesting help and then went dark, a ripple of events started that resulted in CEO Prisca Na'aih calling in a favor from High Command on Avalon. Soon after two lances of the Eridani Light Horse were dispatched to pay a visit to Danziger abourd a Dyanmico jumpship. Ostensibly they were there to show the flag, but in reality the mission was to secure the uranium processing plant until the company was able to hire and transport suitable mercenaries, probably an infantry unit with a few light armored vehicles, to guard the facility.

Kills5150, a long-time officer in the Light Horse with the rank of Captain was in charge of the small expeditionary force. He sat in the cockpit of his Cicada Battlemech, warming up it's systems as the dropship descended through the polluted atmosphere of Danziger 16, headed to the single active aerospace port on the planet. Other ELH mechs filled the bays of the dropships, including several Warhammers, a Catphract, an urbanmech and a Javelin for scouting. All were warming up their systems and preparing to walk off the dropship as soon as it touched down.

At that moment Kill's commlink chirped and the voice of the dropship's communications officer came over the link. "Sir we have received a transmission from someone on the ground who wants to speak to you... patching them through!"

The center flatscreen display in Kill's cockpit flipped away from displaying reactor temperature data and was replaced by a stern face with piercing eyes surrounded by vibrant green tattoos. 

"Listen Mercenary scum. I have no respect for those that fight for coin rather than for the honor of their Clan, but we have heard of your particular band and it may be that you are not completely without honor. There is no need for a Batchall; I will blood my new mechwarriors on you, man for man, warrior for warrior. My veterans will stand by and watch. We will defeat you but no Isorla will be taken. Fight honorably and we will leave you with the pitiful resources of this backwater planet as your reward. We await you at the uranium processing plant."

The connection closed.

"What the fuck?" said Kills aloud to his empty cockpit, then he keyed his commlink "All units, there are Clan Jade Falcon mechs on-planet. When we land we will immediately deploy towards the uranium processing plant. I know this sounds nuts, but we are only to engage the ones that fire at us.. if you see other enemy mechs standing by observing you are NOT to fire on them!"

The Eridani Light Horse Dropship landed in a cloud of smoke and dust and the unit debarked, headed for their strange battle with the clans.


To Commander, ELH
From: Kills5150, Expedition Commander,
Mission Report: Danziger 16 Expedition

Digest: When we were on final approach we were challenged by the 79th Raptor Talon Cluster of Clan Jade Falcon. It appears that they had landed on the planet some weeks ago on a training mission for new warriors and upon arrival on Danziger 16 immediately destroyed the Civil Militia force. Honestly this isn't all bad because the Militia was rotten to the core and if they were dumb enough to shoot at the Jade Falcon dropships... well survival of the fittest and all that.

Decimating the Militia didn't satisfy their training demands, so the Jade Falcons waited, hoping that the Free Worlds League or Federated Suns would send them a worthy opponent to "blood" their warriors. Since the CEO of Dynamico is a friend of the First Prince, that turned out to be us.

The Jade Falcon commander did not issue a Batchall, he just came right out and told me what the terms of the fight were going to be. They would hold back a number of units, leaving us to fight an equal number of their warriors and whatever the outcome of the fight, they would not take our mechs or warriors as prizes. And if we fought "honorably" they would leave Danziger 16 to us afterwards. Given the orders you issued to us before we departed Fletcher, I judged that fighting on their terms was the most certain way to achieve our mission.

Signals intelligence and gun camera footage seems to show that the enemy had almost three stars of mechs at the Dynamico plant, but they only used 8 against our two lances and they appeared to select machines of equal weight to those we dispatched to Danziger 16. So it really was a straight-up fight just as the Jade Falcons promised.

We sent a scouting unit to spot the enemy forces and attempt to pull them a firing line we built against one of the plant's walls and it partially worked; an enemy Cheetah type battlemech strayed in front of our firing line and was quickly destroyed. The majority of the enemy force formed up on top of the structure and attempted to fire down on us, but torso-mounted weapons from both sides did not have enough elevation to engage.

But we discovered that the enemy force included a couple of their new 90-ton Madcat II mechs, and these were carrying gauss rifles in arm mounts. They were able to engage us with some effect so we pushed away from our cover and attempted to suppress the partial enemy firing line above us. But we lost those trades and they ground us down pretty quickly. We finally managed to get into a close range fight on the ramp up to their position but when the smoke cleared we had only take down a handful of Jade Falcon Mechs.

True to his word, the officer leading this element of the 79th Raptor Talon Cluster loaded their mechs and lifted off, leaving us to salvage our downed machines. Dynamico Limited is covering the cost of our repairs as High Command told you they would. A infantry company and a lance of tanks from Kellen's Killers should arrive later this week to take over security for the plant and I wouldn't be surprised if the local government tries to hire a some of them to take over for the Civil Militia. We will depart for Fletcher once Kellen's Killers are in position and the Dynamico Limited plant Manager indicates he is satisfied.   


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