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Outworlds alliance ratifies its commitment (ooc: +10with my boyz por favor) to our mutual defense pact, and as we speak is taking actions to secure our allies borders, and to defend our economic relations in the region.
Comstar News Network Editorial Staff: We would like to thank Khan Phelan Kell for his interest in the quoted article and for his rebuttal.

Comstar News Network is deeply committed to providing accurate, entertaining broadcasts for viewers all over the human universe including, it seems, viewers in the Clan Invasion corridor.

We close this response by pointing out that we made multiple attempts to contact the ilKhan of the Clans so that we could obtain firsthand information abut the intentions of the Clan Battlemechs that have been making war on planets well beyond the line of the Truce of Tukayyid, but we have not received a reply.

Perhaps Khan Phelan Kell could do the courtesy of forwarding our inquiries to the ilKhan, whoever he or she might be?


The Editors   
Rebuttal from Khan Phalen Kell, Clan Wolf
Arc-Royal, ARDC

To call any attack into the Inner Sphere by Clan Nova Cat a violation of the truce is absurd.  Have you heard of the Star League?  Did they not bid to fight against Clan Smoke Jaguar in their trial of Annihilation via the Star League Defense Force?  They are not bound by the Treaty of Tukkayid and more than Clan Wolf is, because we are now integrated into the Inner Sphere.  Clans Steel Viper, Diamond Shark, Ghost Bear, Jade Falcon, their vassals, the Jade Wolves are the only Clans affected by the Truce.  I would suggest that other Warden Clans should be considered into inclusion into the Inner Sphere as well to help reduce the threat posed by those who wish to destroy the Star League rather than protect it. 

We have stated our views clearly.  Now, the question you all have to ask yourself is: who is behind the CNN network?  They either lie or are ill-informed, quiaff?  Either way, I suggest you either research the news for yourself or find a more reliable network.
There is already the Planets, the Dropships and the Jumpships pages, under Faction Tools. I've had requests to expand the Planets page to include additional information, so that's where it would likely end up.
Comstar News Network Editorial Staff: Our search of ancient Terran archives suggests that the below may be applicable.

Comstar News Network Editorial Staff: Also, please note that we have recieved the following statement from the High Precentor of ROM:
"The Word of Blake Splinter group is only temporarily operating certain periphery HPG stations; their corrupted RAM and the Heresy written to the hard drive of their souls is apparent in the poor signal quality of this transmission."

Mystery In the Griffith Sector
Comstar News Network Transmission
September 22, 3062

Taren Kristek, CNN News Anchor: Now for the latest on battles between the Free Worlds League and unknown parties. Recently there was a raid on the Griffith Sector of the FWL and while some analysts indicate that the attack likely originated in the Marian Hegemony, others believe that the Circinus Federation was responsible. Joining us today to discuss these events is General Anders Storn, now retired from the Comguard. General, what can you share with our viewers about this?

General Anders Storn (retired), Comguard: I think it is clear that whoever raided the Griffith Sector is working to remain hidden; presumably because they want to avoid punishment. To give viewers an idea of the relative size of these states, let’s take a look at the map.

[Holmap of human space appears, zooms in on outer fringes of FWL space]

General Anders Storn (retired), Comguard: As you can see circled in white on the holomap, out here near the Lyran/Free Worlds League border you have a small collection of star systems controlled by the Circinus Federation, named after their capital planet here. Rimward you find the somewhat-larger Periphery State known as the Marian Hegemony. The red arrow points to the Griffith Sector of the Free Worlds League, which was the target of a recent raid.

Taren Kristek, CNN News Anchor: I see General; what is known about these two small-time players and why would either of them risk attacking a Major State?

General Anders Storn (retired), Comguard: Well, for viewers that are interested, the Periphery Pundits Program is scheduled to produce broadcasts that go into more detail about these states. If you can manage to stay awake through the whole show, you can learn a lot.

But for purposes of our discussions today, it should suffice to say that there has been fierce fighting between the Circinus Federation, the Marian Hegemony and the Free Worlds League over the years, with the combatants changing loyalties at times and internal divisions within each of the parties happening frequently. But while neither of these small states can seriously threaten the FWL in a stand-up fight; it is my assessment that if the free Worlds League tried to overwhelm them with an all-out campaign, they would pay a military cost that would weaken them tremendously along the Chaos March. So I would imagine that the Captain-General intends to launch punitive raids against these states using mercenary forces or second-line House units while keeping his attention focused on threats closer to the Core Worlds.

Taren Kristek, CNN News Anchor: But again, why would the Circinus Federation or Marian Hegemony be willing to take a chance on attacking the Free Worlds League, knowing that they could face devastating retribution?

General Anders Storn (retired), Comguard: Taren, risk is part of life, and the leaders of these small states have often been willing to take risks to advance their positions. A successful raid on a relatively rich set of star systems like those in the Griffith Sector can pay off hugely and a Leader that acquires those kind of resources can quickly increase their military and economic power.

Taren Kristek, CNN News Anchor: So what are your thoughts on who launched the raid? Could it have been these “Jarnfolk” that everyone is talking about?

General Anders Storn (retired), Comguard: Just a month ago I would have said that there is no way that the Jarnfolk could be responsible; their homeworlds are just too far away and they have never had the numbers and the sheer guts to raid systems controlled by the Great Houses. But ever since the Isengrim and their Mad Jarl seized control of the Jarnfolk fleet, they have been seen all over the Inner Sphere, seemingly helped on their way by the Draconis Combine. So I don’t think you can rule them out, but I would say it is more likely that the Marians or Circinus are responsible. It is worthy of note that the most likely jump routes for attackers do pass through Circinus Federation space.

Taren Kristek, CNN News Anchor: Here is an excerpt of a press release from the President of the Circinus Federation, Mecrutio denying any involvement in very strong terms:

“Circinus has received word of an awful attack against the Griffith Sector of the Free Worlds League. We have also heard that some members of the press and the FWL believe the Circinus Federation to be at fault for this crime.

We refute this claim, no forces under control of our government made any such actions, further more we condemn this blatant act of piracy, and suggest that it may have been any number of pirate groups operating in the area, or even a splinter faction of the FWL's own forces that may have done this….

Circinus is a peaceful agrarian nation…

...We say again, these attacks were not perpetrated by the Circinus Federation, and we resent the implication. We condemn any and all piracy, and will be sending what meager relief and humanitarian aid we can to the afflicted worlds.”

Taren Kristek, CNN News Anchor: Also, Comstar sources have secured this photo of the attackers  taken by a citizen on Griffith. The picture quality is not very good, but our analysts indicate that the mech seen in the background appears to be a Cataphract battlemech.

Taren Kristek, CNN News Anchor: When our Editors contacted President Mecrutio about this, he indicated that his military experts agree that the mech in the image is a Cataphract and went on to explain that the Circinus Federation military does not own any Cataphract battlemechs.

General Anders Storn (retired), Comguard: [Squinting] Yes, that looks like a Cataphract to me as well. I don’t know whether the Circinus Military uses that model of mech but if they don’t, that certainly would indicate that perhapos the Marian Hegemony is responsible - or perhaps the Jarnfolk.

Taren Kristek, CNN News Anchor: So who knows who carried out this dastardly attack? Perhaps only the troops who launched it. But for now, it seems as though the Free Worlds League is willing to punish someone as the recent mercenary attack on Trondheimal, in the Marian Hegemony seems to indicate!

As always I would like to thank our guests and we look forward to bringing you more of the best news. In tonight's broadcast, we will cover some of the bitter fighting on the Capellan March, including cockpit footage that seems to show a mechwarrior from the Outworlds Alliance single-handedly destroying two full lances of Capellan Confederation battlemechs- join us later tonight to learn more!
Tortuga has a language problem! Swearing up a storm!
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NRST: Red##$%^o


   The TDJ-RESPK has #$^^# clear#^ $o^&$eg#$ raid #$%^ $%^#$ #$%ondo sector of Fed $#%^@ space. You @#$% #$$in your jump to M$%^m.  Go pillage those ba#@ $%bbing Fe# &un d&^((.

God S@%$ $%^$in

Major T. Sumeral
Would it be possible to build a Unit Summary or "SITREP" screen into the automation? Basically, a screen that gives the current status of the unit: # of combat units and locations, where JS/DS are located, how many C-bills in the coffers, current planets, current battles occurring (only ones the unit is engaged in), etc.? A "one-stop" location that gives a snapshot of what the unit has going on is basically what I mean. Doesn't necessarily need to have all of those metrics, as for larger units (I'm on ELH and we are pretty small currently) that might be a pretty big page. Anyway, just a thought. Thanks for reading!

(OOC- while not debating the value of "spin," are you tracking that none of the Clans have violated the Tukk line? According to league, raids dont count as a breach, assaults of a sector with ANY planet above the line dont count and CNC is not a Clan Faction anymore....they are an IS problem now. -- dig this RP btw).

Updated my OP, thx!
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