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Comstar News Network

Purge in the Outworlds Alliance Military?

Mischa Karmoulitis, Political Analyst, Outworlds Foundation: Good afternoon, in the name of Blake this is Mischa Karmoulitis reporting from the Comstar Studios. As you know, the Outworlds Alliance Parliament is in the midst of debates on who will be appointed as Interim President, in the wake of President Naterist's recent resignation. Today we have a follow-up story filed by local reporter Sasha Klink on Alpheratz about how this wave of political change is affecting the OWA Military.

Sasha Klink, Independent Reporter: Thanks Mischa; according to my sources in the Outworlds Alliance Military the resignation of President Naterist has resulted in the immediate recall of all OWA units that were deployed around the Inner Sphere fighting against Iron Oath forces. With this recall it seems that there may be a drawdown of active duty units and members of some of our most elite Battlemech Regiments have reportedly been placed on leave. These rumors were at least partially confirmed when I encountered former Vice President Puggs Hunter in the Alpheratz Spaceport just this morning. The former Vice President, along with a number of men who look very much like known mechwarriors of the Ghost of Nox and RSOR battlemech regiments were waiting to board a commercial dropship. Although he was reluctant at first I did manage to persuade Puggs Hunter to give a brief interview.


Alpheratz Spaceport

Sasha Klink, Independent Reporter: Vice President Puggs Hunter thank you very much for speaking briefly with me. Tell me, what was your reaction to the resignation of the President and the recall of the RSOR and Ghost of Nox regiments back to Alpheratz?

Puggs Hunter, former VP OWA: Well, I don't think it will surprise anyone for me to say that I was very saddened by these events. For all his foibles President Naterist is certainly a great man and he truly did want the Outworlds Alliance to take it's place as one of the leading powers in human space.

And to be recalled from the front on the eve of battle, torn away from honorable allies and prevented from fighting for a just cause - well that was almost too much to bear. That was a great personal and professional disappointment.

Sasha Klink, Independent Reporter: I have noticed that many of these gentlemen with you here in the Deltastar Gold Lounge look like Officers and NCOs from two of the OWA's most famous battlemech regiments. Can you make any comments on that?

Puggs Hunter, former VP OWA: You know, I hadn't noticed that... but now that you say it, yes some of the men drinking at the bar do look familiar. As for myself, I have a large amount of accumulated leave that I am required to finally use before it is written off, so I am taking a little vacation on Atreus, in the Free Worlds League. Perhaps these other gentlemen are faced with a similar dilemma?

Sasha Klink, Independent Reporter: The Free Worlds League is a very long way from Alpheratz, how does it feel to be leaving home? Do you expect to be away for a long time?

Puggs Hunter, former VP OWA: I love the Outworlds Alliance with all my heart, but given the profession I have chosen in life, I have to consider possibly visiting someplace new for a while. And things are a little... unsettled here right now. So a bit of a vacation sounds quite nice. I'm sure I'll be back in a year or two. Now if you'll excuse me my flight is boarding, goodbye!


Mischa Karmoulitis, Political Analyst, Outworlds Foundation: That was reporter Sarah Klink from Alpheratz. Thanks for watching!

Comstar News Network


Brother Augustus Grim, Lead Anchor: In the name of Blake we bring you urgent news from the Clan Invasion Corridor. Word has reached Comstar that Clan Jade Falcon forces have made a successful Sector Assault on Arc-Royal, evicting Clan Wolf in Exile and taking half their worlds. Here to provide some background on this conflict is Aiko Suzue, Visiting Scholar of Interstellar Relations at Trinity University of Tharkad.

Aiko Suzue, Trinity University of Tharkad: Hello Brother Grim and praise to the Blessed Word of Blake. The situation in the Arc-Royal Sector is both complex and simple at the same time. For the sake of our viewers that are pressed for time, let me explain the bare military facts first. As previously reported by Comstar News, forces from several Clan Factions that adhere to Crusader beliefs have been raiding the two Sectors controlled by Clan Wolf-In-Exile. Finally, a powerful force led by Clan Jade Falcon initiated an Assault on the Arc-Royal Sector with the intention of conquering every planet in the sector.

Well now reports indicate that the Jade Falcons Assault succeeded, throwing the Clan Wolf-In-Exile forces into a full retreat to their remaining strongholds in the nearby Deia Sector. Details about the level of losses incurred by the two sides in the huge battle are scarce, but there is little doubt that this represents a major victory for Clan Jade Falcon.

Brother Augustus Grim, Lead Anchor: Thank you for such a concise summary of these events Miss Suzue. Now can you try to give our viewers a little background on the forces involved and what this development means for the various factions in this section of the Clan Invasion Corridor?

Aiko Suzue, Trinity University of Tharkad: I think that our viewers might be interested to know that Clan Wolf-In-Exile is a splinter group that the other Clans consider outlaws. They settled on worlds granted to them by the Lyran Alliance after losing an internal struggle with several Clans in the Crusader faction. In my research I have heard this struggle referred to as The Refusal War. Evidently major elements of Clan Wolf disagreed with the way the Clan Invasion was being conducted and felt a responsibility to protect the Inner Sphere as Wardens. But they seem to have been the loser in the Refusal War and although their primary opponent in the war, Clan Jade Falcon, suffered massive losses, it seems that somehow the Jade Falcons managed to take much of the Wolves's resources absorbing many of their warriors and other personnel.

One might even say that this latest battle is just a continuation of The Refusal War, with Clan Jade Falcon attempting to continue their absorption of the Wolves. Whatever the cause, the Clan Wolf-In-Exile forces in the Deia Sector now represent the last home of this Faction. They do enjoy close relations with the Kell Hounds mercenary unit, based on the nearby world of Atacongo and of course the Lyran Alliance will certainly keep a close eye on any events that bring Invader Clans closer to their borders. But while things certainly look grim for the Exiles, they have faced near-destruction before and managed to come back from the brink. It remains to be seen what Grand Duke Morgan Kell and his allies will do to respond to this Crusader threat.

Brother Augustus Grim, Lead Anchor: Comstar News Network is reaching out to leaders of the various factions in this region of space to seek interviews about the ongoing battle between the Exile Wolves and Clan Jade Falcon. We will share these interviews with you as soon as possible. Until then, we close this broadcast in the Name of Blake.
BattleTech/Mechwarrior Role-Play / Re: A Time of Reckoning
« Last post by Harper Steel on November 19, 2017, 11:43:36 AM »
The attack of Morges was actually a distraction meant to pull a large force of Wolf in Exile and Kell Hounds mechs to the planet while the main forces struck A Place and Dustball. The second wave would encompass Esteros, Bountiful Harvest, and Koniz. With the final push through New Exford and then onto Arc-Royal itself.
Star Colonel Vtine was tracking a damaged Arcticwolf with his targeting recital and leading the fleeing mech slightly he unleashed a staggered barrage of Short Range Missiles directly into the Arcticwolfs open side torso. The result was instantaneous as flames and debris shot out of the exploding cockpit as the doomed mech seemed to explode from the inside out. Green emerald light splayed across Nitrox's Hunchback 2c melting armor and causing alarms to light up across Nitrox cockpit. Turning his now damaged mech towards the laser fire Nitrox fired both his large pulse lasers into a Wolf in exile Hellbringer.

The enemy mech was still in relatively in good shape absorbing Nitrox's weapons fire and returning fire with its LBX-20 autocannon. Nitrox's hunchback shuddered as the massive cannon tore off his right arm. Fighting to keep the mech upright he took several steps backwards leaning his torso downwards to counteract the force of the hit. Star Colonel Vtine saw his warriors Hunchback take a bad hit loosing an arm and being forced backwards. Growling under his breath the Clan officer used his linebackers superior speed and moved in behind the enemy Helbringer. " Now you loose Inner Sphere scum," Vtine said in his deep voice as he unleashed SRM hell into the Hellbringers back. He blew out the center of the Wolf Omni from behind and the now unsupported shoulders fell inwards as the dead mech crumpled to the dirt. (edited)

The rest of the fighting on Morges went much the same with the Falcons, with them destroying the smaller Wolf in Exile Stars and after doing enough damage to convince the WiE commanders the attack on Morges was larger than it was. After three days of operations on planet the Falcons pulled out of the fighting leaving the WiE forces there and reinforcing the fighting in the second wave of Operation: Wolfsbane
BattleTech/Mechwarrior Role-Play / Re: A Time of Reckoning
« Last post by Harper Steel on November 19, 2017, 11:41:57 AM »
Deep inside one of the egg shaped 'overlord', dropships Star Commander Typhus was shifting and wiggling in his mech, it was an 80 ton Battlemaster. One of the Inner Sphere mechs the Falcons had inherited from their occupation zone.

"Settle down, it is not that bad," Phasmatus said to Typhus over the Emerald Shrike Trinarys comm channel.

"But I swear it itches, I am allergic to this IS tech, I am telling you" Typhus replied.

a sudden deep vibration followed by a sense of gravity told them their Dropship had detached from the Falcon's Nest and was now accelerating towards the planet.

"OK, Shrikes here we go, let us go over the plan," Phasmatus said to his star.

Geg's strategy was to utilize different elements of the three primary Talon Trinaries, The Black Talons, The Solahmas, and the Emerald Shrikes. To use their individual Stars like a surgeon uses a laser scalpel. Geg was in Alpha star with Vtine, Nitrox and MechWarriors William and Mark. Next was Phas and his Beta Star and finally Charlie Star was led by Rekkon with Stashless, Chef and two MechWarrior's. They were a light star meant to flank an enemy formation and once it was engaged with the main force attack its open rear or flank.

The launch and reentry of the attacking forces dropship went without a hitch and soon the ship was opening up drop hatches all across its face. As the Clan craft flew it began to disgorge smaller pods. They in turn began to fire retrorockets to break their decent. The pod swarm separated into three distinct groups of five each moving towards a ground objective. The seem of the pod shell in front of Phasmatus split open and fell away, he experienced a few moments of free fall then the break of the landing parashoot. The last few meters Phas crashed through a small tree landing on the ground," Sound off shrikes," he called over their comms.

The 79ths newest Star Captain quickly ran over his Hunchback 2c's systems as all four point of his star confirmed they were on the ground and ready for combat.

Opening up a direct channel to Operations Commander Geg, informing him of their status and that the Shrikes were moving towards their objective.

Star Commander Geg looked at the small monitor added to the upper part of his Griffin, it was an Inner Sphere mech that clan techs had modified for Geg. Scanning the dots appearing on the small map giving the locations of his forces.  "Rekkon get Charlie moving towards your waypoint Alpha star will follow behind you," Geg called to Rekkon, his co-commander and commander of Charlie star. Being in overall command Geg was not the Drop commander leaving that task to other Falcons so he could concentrate on the operations progress. Star  commander Rekkon was getting his light star moving to find the enemy mechs. Star Colonel Vtine spoke up, "Geg Alpha Star is ready to move out we will follow behind Charlie Star untill enemy contact, addition to operating his mech and leading Alpha Star Vtine also was issuing orders to his Star of Warships. One of the Congress's and the Fredasa had encountered three Wolf in Exile warships and were now engaged.

"Star Commander do not loose any of my ships", Vtine ordered the Congress's commander over his HPG link with the Falcon's Nest.

"I will not sir, they are already retreating after we gave them a broadside. One of their MK42-class Corvettes was damaged badly so they are disengaging, sir, the system is now clear," the staticky reply.
BattleTech/Mechwarrior Role-Play / Re: Clan Watch Reports
« Last post by Kael Pershaw on November 19, 2017, 01:53:34 AM »
Honored Khans and Clan Leaders, the Watch's Executive Summary - (Week 44, 3062)

The Harvest Trials remain a large focus within the Homeworlds, with Toumans battling back and forth over a variety of planets and resources.  Within the Occupation Zone, the Clans have seen significant success in rebuffing enemy advances and are even now, moving forward with limited counter-pushes. 

Clan Star Adder's Winged Viper Cluster managed a successful, albeit limited defense, against the cream of the Draconis Combine.  It is uncertain when they will attack again, but Watch reports it will likely coincide with the end of the month, bleeding into December (Terran Standard Calendar).  Whether or not the Adders can hold out again is unknown, given their limited presence within the OZ and their lack of production facilities within the region, but it is known they reformed the garrison after the Combine's most recent attempt.

Clan Wolf defeated a Lyran sponsored attack into Carse and successfully bloodied the same Combine forces in Alshain, demanding a down-payment in blood for the crushing blow suffered by the now hibernating Ghost Bears. Additionally, within these last weeks, they've successfully carried on another raid into Kelenfold, taxing the Lyrans for their folly in sending mercenaries into Carse.  Reports are sparse from the fighting, but indicate the Northwind Highlanders suffered significant losses in the attack.

Clan Star Adder claimed victory against the Ravens in a ritualistic affair on Gatekeeper, seizing the planet for themselves.  While these Harvest Trials do not suffer the presence of observers, it is rumored the ever pragmatic Snow Ravens suffered little in the way of actual losses in their defeat.  In fact, the usually tight-lipped Adders inserted quite a bit of praise for the "honored foes, the Snow Ravens," at the end of the battle.

Clan Diamond Shark has challenged the Wolves for Londenholm.  That the Wolves would even fight for such a small prize remains of interest to the watch and rumblings from the Homeworlds continue to gain volume, as Clans bite back and forth over the inequities perceived by some Clans, in the manner in which these Trials are being fought.

The Watch has conducted significant analysis of both troop movements, communications intercepts and the political statement and would note to this august council, that a schism is very likely to emerge if things continue at this rate.  While certainly no match in resources and size compared to the Invader Clans, the Homeworld Clans clearly enjoy a local numbers advantage spinward, and the Wolves and Falcons would be hard pressed to defend all of their Homeworld Cluster worlds if they were suddenly attacked in multiple locations.  Whether things develop to such a distracting degree remains to be seen.

With these recent successes however, come more threatening portents of disagreement between the Clans, which may well shatter what fragile peace exists between them as these battles steer towards larger conflicts, which will prove to be a sure detriment for any hopes for success in the OZ.
Player's Lounge / Re: Trace your lineage!
« Last post by Poolboy Tseng on November 18, 2017, 04:19:26 PM »
Pretty sure I remember you as Pestilence with CDS. ;)

Good to see you still around! :)

Yeah! Man that was a long time ago. I was such a little
Turd back then. But I was a talented little turd in those mechs.
Player's Lounge / Re: Trace your lineage!
« Last post by Poolboy Tseng on November 18, 2017, 04:16:17 PM »

The ilKhan was Pestilence, with Doll and her hubby can't remember his name, and Santini.
I remember in one of our practice sessions cooking Santini in his mech with my load out of flamers.

Hmm I don't remember being ilKhan for CDS, suppose that could have been. Before I was poolboy I was Pestilence....but I do remember being in Diamond Shark.
Recruitment Center / The Alpha Wolves are recruiting!
« Last post by Mightyrant Kell on November 18, 2017, 12:40:24 PM »

The Alpha Wolves are recruiting!

Who we are:
We are a close knit group of players.  We value integrity on and off the battlefield, and strive to be the best players we can be.  Our numbers may be few, but every member is trusted and battle hardened.  Many of us have come from the ranks of Clan Wolf in the past, hence the name.  The Alpha Wolves have a long history in this community.  Winners of the MRBC Div-C title from a few seasons ago, we have players familiar with competitive play. 

The ways we play:

Our main focus at the moment is striving to become a team well known in the competitive scene.  Currently we play in the NBT league.  A semi comp league where we control Clan Wolf in a crusade across the Inner Sphere.  During the next season, we plan to field a team for MRBC as well, aiming for Div C or possibly B.  We drop many quick play matches to hone our skills, and drop in CW on occasion as a mercenary unit.

What we are looking for:
The Alpha Wolves are recruiting right now to fill out our roster for the coming MRBC season.  We have enough to make a team, but are seeking more for practice and player rotation.  We are searching for players with a eye for competitive play.  We need team players, not lone wolves, to help improve our team in every way.  If you feel like your skills are under utilized on your current team, or feel as if you need to find a new home for any hope of reaching new heights, we may have a home for you.  We expect our players to have a high level of activity in the game. 

What we can offer you:
The Alpha Wolves provide a friendly but serious environment.  People can be found online to play daily during NA prime time.  We offer the chance to practice and hone you skills with us in practice matches, and the chance to showcase you skills in a competitive theater.  We have a wealth of knowledge about competitive mechs and load outs and are willing to share with people interested in joining. 

Again, we are looking for players that enjoy the more competitive aspect of Mechwarrior, with an eye for league play.  If quick play or CW is all you know, but want to play for something more, we may be the team for you.  If you think this sounds like a team you would be interested in, please feel free to send me a message on here or add me in-game. 
BattleTech/Mechwarrior Role-Play / A Time of Reckoning
« Last post by Harper Steel on November 17, 2017, 07:08:17 PM »
November 11th, 3062
Arc Royal Defense Cordon
Pirate Jump point: Morges

The Blue-green world slowly rotated below the massive Texas-Class Warship, Falcon's Nest. A large Jade Falcon symbol was proudly displayed along the side of the huge hull.  Massing over 1.5 million tons and 1200 meters long the ship was huge. Along the top of the crafts spine a row of six egg shaped dropships were nestled into their cradles. Each one filled with over one-hundred Omnimechs of the 79th Raptor Talon Cluster. Star Commander Geg stood on the highest tier catwalk in the cavernous bridge of the Warship. He was looking out the huge ten-meter high view screens, the armor covering had been retracted and the world of Morges was before Geg. White clouds swirled over blue oceans, he could see the lightning flashes of a large storm near the edge of the planet. The Jade Falcon Officer turned from the fantastic view and looked over the edge, far below at a halo-table Star Captain Rekkon Roshak was working a briefing for the upcoming combat drops. Star Colonel Vtine slowly descended to the deck before Rekkon, he too began looking at the simulation taking shape there. With expert moves Geg flipped over the railing and plunged straight downwards toward his fellow officers, At the last moment he flipped and landed gently on his feet next to Vtine. The Star Colonel smiled at his officer,“We are ready to execute operation Wolfbane Geg, on your command.” Vtine had to stop himself from using the Officers pet name for this Operation, Puppy Stomp. In victory they could afford such trivialities, and the battle yet remained to be won.”

Rekkon finished his final tweaks to his combat simulation and briefing then sent both off to the combat troops he looked up as the Halo-Table cleared and spoke," I have given our first combat pilots a pre-briefing simulation for them to review one last time. Their officers have them loaded in their Omnimechs. We are ready to go Geg."

Star Commander Geg was going to be the Theater Commander for the entire operation with Rekkon acting as his co-commander. Star Colonel Vtine was the 79th Raptor Talon Cluster's second in command and he was in charge of the Warships assigned to Operation Puppy Stomp. He had a Texas-class battleship, two Aegis-class heavy cruisers, two Congress-class frigates and a Fredasa-class corvette. Vtine had his ships harassing the Defense Cordon and the Wolves in Exiles warships, keeping them out of the fight.

Geg gripped the railing surrounding the table reaching with his other hand he opened a ship-wipe comm channel, " Officers and Warriors this day we take what small amount of Honor these lost puppies have left. We shall deprive them of their home sector and factories. They have lost the way of the Clans and the 79th Raptor Talon's will show them the true nature of their error."

"Seyla," echoed around the bridge.

"Gentleman shall we adjoin to our battlemechs," Geg graciously said to his commanders. All three moved off toward the turbo lift.
The pumpkin president sat in his golden elevator, looking at the rest of the abbsndoned tower he owned. Abbandoned.... well except for the piles and piles of hatemail. The ex president sat so still that if anyone had been watching for the past hour, they would have thought hed either turned to stone, or passed away. Without any warning though, the ex president stood up.


The old man gathered his trophies and gold into a big old suitcase, and was just about to walk out the door when he smelled smoke. A girl with a chubby body and bright red hair stood before him. Oh god, he thought to himself, the sjws are here.....

Later that night he died screaming.
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