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Thank you for your excellent questions! The Chief of our office of financial management has assigned me to assist you with your inquiries and complete any other needed tasks so that you will feel comfortable with investing! After reviewing these answers, please let me know if there is anything I can personally do to assist you with making your investment decision.

Q. How are the returns generated?

A. The Eridani Light Horse has an extensive portfolio of economic development and professional management projects that can be quickly executed through an infusion of capital. Money raised by the Bond Debenture will be used to accelerate those projects, enhancing the already-solid ELH balance sheet and generating new revenues that will make servicing this relatively small debt even easier!

Q. Not that ELH would do it...but as a mercenary unit that cannot be attacked at home....if they elected to screw over these investors....oh my lol.

A. The Eridani Light Horse has a sterling reputation and a 300 year-long history of honorable dealings with business partners from all over human space. In addition, due to the economic strength of our homeworld, substantial cash reserves and high level of income from long-term contracts with premier partners, servicing the monthly payments to bondholders will be easy, even if the maximum issuance of 1 billion C-Bills is achieved! Therefore the Light Horse has no incentive to to take advantage of Investors.

Although he was more or less blacked out. Mostly more, but sometimes less; a message did manage to filter itself through the correct channels somewhere, someway and an JàrnFòlk Herald eventually contacted the Diplomatic corps of the Lyran Alliance.

"This is an official Herald for the JàrnFòlk. I've recently received a.. pee-stained...napkin with some half legible writing in what I really hope was a red pen that I believe seems to state we've come to some sort of arrangement between our two people? Including a reference to your periphery neighbor.. could..uh..do you uh.. have maybe some paperwork on your side you could send to us? Or walk us through the deal again? We Heralds.. we uh.. well, while the err napkin itself is.. in its own way quite official and from a uhh source that has the authority to make these high level diplomatic decisions, we'd just like a little more clarity on the matter. If nothing else could you walk us through the arrangement we've seem to have made?

Thanks for your time and willingness to help us sort of this minor confusion!"

-The Heralds Here of the JàrnFòlk
NBT-Classic General / Re: Does any one have a old clinet.
« Last post by enoch6 on Yesterday at 08:46:05 PM »
Last cycle would be best or a older one would also do.

I am interested in the maps not the clients its self. There were some classic maps we played on that were alot fun.

Not that ELH would do it...but as a mercenary unit that cannot be attacked at home....if they elected to screw over these investors....oh my lol.
How are the returns generated?
Two additional Investors have collectively purchased 65 Million C-Bills with 3 month maturity. Thank you, we have booked your orders!

BattleTech/Mechwarrior Role-Play / Re: Capellan Confederation Breaking News
« Last post by Gonta on Yesterday at 11:23:28 AM »
We are back online! Ready up for hot news!

The cooperation agreement with the Dragon Combine entered into active phase. The charging stations of both factions are reconfigured to support the ships of the Capellan Confederation and the Dragon Syndicate. An explosive growth of the economy and military cooperation is expected. Also, the waiting for the opening of the Free Worlds League borders continues. The delay is caused by bureaucratic procedures and our lawyers are working to speed up the process. The unloading of TsingTao beer in the space between trade ships continues.

On Ares additional Overlord and Union dropships are ready for TCAF. They are docked to Maximilian Liao jumpship which will be sent to strategically important sectors for the transfer of the armed forces. The next batch of dropshipps is paid for and is being prepared for release next week. The delivery of spare parts from Draconis Combine and Free Worlds League is expected.

In the Tikonov sector, TCAF units were dispatched as part of the operation to return the sector to the Confederation. The planets of the sector are blocked by our ships. Dropships are dropped, unloading of the mechs is in progress. The enemy is preparing for defense. The population is preparing to change the government and takes out from the chests the symbols of the Capellan Confederation.

In the Zanzibar sector, the situation remains tense. The Taurus Concordat is preparing for the offensive. Maskirovka reports that the former TCAF Sao-Shao Atom Core was secretly arriving in the sector to conduct the sector capture operation. He was recruited last year by the Federated Suns and he has so far been able to escape Maskirovka agents. Official management of TCAF does not comment on the situation at all.

Just arrived emergency information that mercenaries ELH are preparing for a big seizure of the sector. They intend to use their own and allied forces. The exact information about the strike could not be obtained, Maskirovka agent was uncovered and he had to use the poison to not fall into the hands of the enemy. The TCAF and 4TCR units are fully operational at the border with the Federated Suns!

It's all for today, do not switch!
Comstar News Network

Brother Augustus Grim, Lead Anchor: Good evening. Tonight we bring you a special report on diplomatic relations between one of the Great Houses and a Periphery State.

We have received reports and now an official release from the press office of the Lyran Alliance that they have concluded a trade and non-aggression pact with the Circinus Federation, their neighbor along the long border with the Free Worlds League. Lyran Alliance leaders and top-ranking nobles of House Steiner are all reputed to be very pleased with the arrangement. 

Sources indicate that an easing of trade and currency controls will make it easier for manufacturers in the Lyran Alliance to export their goods to the Circinus Federation; at the same time the Federation is expected to benefit from an inflow of investment capital and greater income from existing import duties. Here with some details is our new Lyran Alliance Business Correspondent, Jens Larssen.

Jens Larssen, Lyran Alliance Business Reporter: Thank you Brother Augustus! Here on Tharkad the major merchant houses are scrambling to finish analyzing the terms of the trade agreement. Preliminary reading of the document seems to indicate that new markets will soon be opened up on the worlds of the Circinus Federation, plus there look to be many investment opportunities as well. Negotiations with the Circinus authorities for docking space and charge station access for commercial jumpships are already underway and while the Federation officials have indicated that the fees will be very stiff, profit margins on the expected business still look to be quite strong. There's little doubt about it; fortunes are going to be made due to this exciting diplomatic development!

Brother Augustus Grim, Lead Anchor: That was our Lyran Business Correspondent, Jens Larssen. That is all for now. Until our next broadcast, may the Word of Blake be the beacon that guides us all in troubled times. Good night.
2 Additional Investors have inquired about possible shorter terms. In light of this demand we have decided to offer 6 and 3 month bond issues, still at the same attractive 10% interest rate.

If you wish to subscribe to this bond offering, please transfer funds to the Eridani Light Horse Account in the NBT Automation with the note "Purchase Bond X month"  <in place of X enter your desired term, 3, 6 or 12 months>.

We will send you an acknowledgement message confirming your investment and you will receive income payments starting the following month.

Thank you for your interest!
Our Financial Consultants will provide updates to you as issuance of the new Bond Debenture proceeds.

We just received a 25 Million deposit from our first Investor, thank you!

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