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Player's Lounge / Re: Good luck tommarow
« Last post by Elrodpetit on Today at 02:19:07 AM »
Has your competition already started? And how are the results?
Player's Lounge / Re: WHEN IS NBT?!
« Last post by Naterist on May 18, 2017, 09:42:03 PM »

i ended up harras- i mean asking dane about it so he filled me in on the details and the ts. well be there release day soon as i get caught up to speed along with my guys who are interested.
Player's Lounge / Re: WHEN IS NBT?!
« Last post by Xavier on May 18, 2017, 07:24:35 PM »
No, I am working on it daily weekends and evenings. Still on track for Jul 18th public launch to coincide with the MWO timeline/weapon patch date.
Player's Lounge / Re: WHEN IS NBT?!
« Last post by Naterist on May 18, 2017, 03:57:15 PM »
i am doing my best to get rsor into this, it looks cool af. i hope this concept isnt dead. if it is im rather late to the party.
NBT-Classic General / Re: NBT-Classic 5 Alpha Sign Ups
« Last post by fdiskMBR on May 08, 2017, 12:08:07 PM »
You should know that Classic is not anything to do with MW4 or MW of any kind -- it's a MegaMek (tabletop BT in Java) league.

the MW4 folks have said they would be happy to admin their league, and so on.

The Bold Underlined is what we're waiting for but there is not a location for posting other than the link I've put in the teams peak channel & where Stormy & Warhammer posted. Others are there also.  Sorry for the inconvenience Xavier  :-\
NBT-Classic General / Re: NBT-Classic 5 Alpha Sign Ups
« Last post by Xavier on May 07, 2017, 07:57:56 PM »
You should know that Classic is not anything to do with MW4 or MW of any kind -- it's a MegaMek (tabletop BT in Java) league.

That said, your offer is appreciated nonetheless. :)

Once the new automation is up, it will be much easier to support leagues for any BT game for which anyone wants a league -- MegaMek, the upcoming Battletech, MWO, MW4 (all varieties), MWLL, MW5 (if it ever gets multiplayer). It will be up to the communities who want such leagues to run them however -- I have no intention of running/administering them myself, apart from getting NBT:MWO going -- I would just be providing the technical hosting for the league automation. For example, I know that Derv is (last I heard) interested in doing a league for Battletech once it's out, I have offers of admin help for the Classic league (assuming Derv doesn't want that too), the MW4 folks have said they would be happy to admin their league, and so on.
Player's Lounge / Re: Trace your lineage!
« Last post by {CYT}Cmeg on May 07, 2017, 07:12:09 PM »
Vengeance League    xXFAXxCmeg   FA = Forsaken Avengers
NBT_HC                   {CYT}Cmeg      {CYT} = Clan Coyote
MWL                         {CYT}Cmeg     {CYT} = Clan Coyote
and 2 Years before Microsoft abandoned us as well as MekTek
Dedicated Server up on Game Ranger for those who still wanted to play the Free MekTek MW4M Version 3.1c and is still up and running today.  5.7.2017.

Hope to see this MW4M 5.0 League up and running again.   The Sooner the Better and I am sure there are many others in the Wings waiting.  I would gladly help, if help was needed.   :)
NBT-Classic General / Re: NBT-Classic 5 Alpha Sign Ups
« Last post by {CYT}Cmeg on May 07, 2017, 06:34:08 PM »
This is {CYT}™Cmeg,

I would like to help support NBT-Classic 5 Alpha.

I have played MW4M Inner Sphere Pack Clan Pack, Vengeance in their league as {xXFACmegXx}, Black Knight in the NTB_HC League, Mech Warrior League {MWL}  I was the Khan of Clan Coyote in NBT_HC and MWL and started as a SIBKO and worked my way up.  I did not play the Table Top Version {My Bad}
At one time I was an ilKhan, had enough MW's to have a Team in NBT_HC and MWL at the same time.
I like Teamwork and enjoy winging any level of player and help the New Players if asked.

I was informed 2 Years before Microsoft would not support MW4M and MekTek would not be supporting MW4M (NBT_HC Etc.,.)  I immediately put up a Server on Game Ranger to keep MW4M Alive where us die hard players would have  a place to play. Its up today and will be until I depart from this Earth.  Someone else will have to pick up the Torch of MW4M and carry on, I am hoping it will be You.  I have my own Website (Admin)  I have a {CYT} MW4M Server up on Game Ranger that I maintain and keep up usually 24/7 unless for maintenance. My Dedicated Server Computer on Game Ranger is an AMD  Quad Core 16GB DDR3 Memory on an Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 Motherboard and a Thermaltake 850Watt Power supply, which is on Fiber Optics, 300 MBPS DL and 25 MBPS UP.  :-} have kept up with Modern Technology as much as possible without putting me in the Poor House. lol      My Gaming Computer is equal to or better than my Server.

I am not sure what more you need,  Happy to assist and if not, I understand.  I have plenty to do :-}

oh,  I spend with everything concerning MW4M etc.  approximately 50 Hours a week, Sometime not retiring until after Mid night    EST {I am retired I will be 85 in June 2017} (Florida USA)  I would guess at my experience, hummm maybe an 8.  I like Brawling the best, very poor at Pop Sniping and Long Range.

                            I am willing to do anything to help keep our MW4M Game alive.

If you need any other Questions answered and have the time to, let me know @


NBT-Classic General / Re: NBT-Classic 5.0 Alpha is ready
« Last post by fdiskMBR on May 05, 2017, 08:56:01 AM »
Derv has first right of refusal on any Classic iterations, so it's his call if he still wants to run a MegaMek league. As for MW4, if that group still has interest I may take you up on the offer. ;)

No worries, I want to be a player equally. I just want to see NBT succeed. Many of us have been waiting for the league to come back to life. ;)

Not having a place to discuss automated planetary & battles and seeing the most related information to our interest posted here, I'll try to reiterate some of the things being discussed by the current players & leaders here.

First of all & most importantly, this post IS NOT A POST ABOUT MWO. Although it's assumed that MWO will be a large part of the automation, our interest is mainly focused upon the following MW iterations. (nothing personal, just preference)
NetMech IV
MW4 Mercenaries 3.1.0030c

*Triple play single pack.

A little history......
About a year or so ago we spoke with Xavier about the possibility of planetary & battles using the proposed new automation. At that time we “had” 4 or 5 teams of 5 or more players using a non automated simple semi-planetary system that needed to be heavily web moderated. Due to RL issues, this moderation fell to the wayside. (not because we didn't have the players).  This subsequently caused the league to collapse.

We currently have 5 or 6 of the leaders awaiting the opportunity to re-assemble their teams and get back into the saddle. Many of those are very familiar to others in NBT & the Mechwarrior realm as they have been involved for many, many years.
Read a few of the posts in this know who we are.
Not wanting to prematurely re-assemble teams without the the ability to provide the action, we've decided to wait yet make our presence known.

We're watching the interest here in the automation, it's use and also the interest in getting involved with the teams. We have threads elsewhere discussing the possibilities & It would seem by the posts here & elsewhere  that players are interested.

More waiting.....
We want to thank those working on the automation and system. We're hoping some of us will live to see the day of it's operation.  No, that's not a joke and directly relates to our age rather than the software work and process to get it operational...... (Chomping at the bit myself)

If you read this, have interest or a desire to get back into sanctioned battles or planetary in the “3” MW formats mentioned above, post a blurb or inkling..... it's just for rough head count for now.

Oh, if a moderator would like to move this to a mo appropriate area that would be fine. I would suggest if you do, you move the related posts also.
Player's Lounge / Re: WHEN IS NBT?!
« Last post by smokefield on April 21, 2017, 02:55:42 AM »
I logged in to check if there is any plan to revive this and maybe make  o post about it...but Abi was faster :D

so we are waiting :D

also...if we can help withsetting things up...let us know.
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