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Player's Lounge / Re: New Battletech by HBS....
« Last post by Lockon68 on May 08, 2018, 10:22:20 AM »
Alright roger that. I will check to see what can be modified and if it translates into the skirmish mode game. Helbrecht, maybe we can do some testing in the near future? Just hit me up on your availability.
Player's Lounge / Re: New Battletech by HBS....
« Last post by Xavier on May 07, 2018, 06:52:00 PM »
Well, what Helbrecht said...
Player's Lounge / Re: New Battletech by HBS....
« Last post by Lockon68 on May 07, 2018, 07:44:22 AM »
I would be happy to help out in any way. Just let me know what you need us to do?
Player's Lounge / Re: New Battletech by HBS....
« Last post by Xavier on May 06, 2018, 01:31:51 PM »
Anyone willing to do the testing and report back here, would be great.
Player's Lounge / Re: New Battletech by HBS....
« Last post by Helbrecht on May 06, 2018, 12:44:43 PM »
yeah, it would port fairly easy to be honest. even the server setting would actually make the game even more balanced. only glaring issues would be people potentially trying to cheat since its extremly easy to change view distance,weapons stats, armor etc etc. though i dont know if those changes carry over into skirmish mode. some testing would have to be done.
Player's Lounge / Re: New Battletech by HBS....
« Last post by BiffAlexander on April 29, 2018, 07:35:49 AM »
I think NBT would be a perfect fit for BattleTech. You could roll over most of the stuff from Classic.
Player's Lounge / Re: New Battletech by HBS....
« Last post by Xavier on April 28, 2018, 01:29:50 PM »
We are looking into it, yes, but there are no solid plans as yet.
Player's Lounge / New Battletech by HBS....
« Last post by Lockon68 on April 28, 2018, 08:38:58 AM »
Since the new Battletech game has released by HBS is there any plans to run leagues through NBT??

Sadly I don't see much action on the forums lately.
BattleTech/Mechwarrior Role-Play / Re: Eagle News Report Top Secret Rescue Mission
« Last post by Eagle News on February 10, 2018, 05:55:57 PM »
Part 4

The transfer shuttle settled to the pad with a delicate fluff of the thrusters that was so smooth that the ice cubes in Pandorah’s empty glass didn’t even clink. Roderick instantly appeared at her seat to take the empty glass and offer water or other refreshments.

Pandorah was beginning to focus on the job she had to do, what she was going to say and too worried about ensuring that timing was perfect to pay much attention. She waved the attractive flight attendant away with a flick of her hand and turned back to her communicator, checking to insure that it was synced to local time correctly.

When she stepped out of the boarding ramp Pandorah was greeted by a young woman in formal dress who bowed politely. “Greetings, I am one of High Councilor Binton’s aides, Zendora; I believe that you are the High Councilor’s two o’clock?”   

Pandorah gave a simple nod in return. “Thank you, that’s correct. Can you please show me to a washroom before we go to the High Councilor’s office?”

“Of course” said the aide "Please follow me miss".

The two women set off down the winding corridors of what appeared to be very elegantly-appointed government offices. A steady stream of women flowed around them, talking on communicators, looking intently at communicator screens or discussing affairs with a colleague as they walked. The only male that Pandorah saw was a hugely muscular man in green coveralls who was tending the many living plants in the space. He made brief eye contact with Pandorah then quickly ducked his head and shuffled away quietly murmuring “Your pardon miss”.

Zendora stopped outside an arched entryway and gestured Pandorah in. Bemused, the Ghosts of Nox officer strolled in, noticing that there was no sign of a parallel facility for men.

The understated luxury of the washroom almost took her breath away; everything was tasteful marble and elegant tile, softly-lit and featuring a mirrored wall to make it easy to check one’s appearance before exiting. Impressed, Pandorah entered the breezy confines of one of the large stalls and sat to piss. After she was done, she stayed in place, taking out her communicator and checking the time. Still a bit too early.

After a couple minutes, the aid stepped into the washroom. “Miss, your appointment is nearing and we still have a little farther to walk to reach the High Councilors’ office.."

“A moment please!” Pandorah called out, letting a little bit of an edge creep into her tone. The aide scurried back out.

Pandorah let a few more minutes pass and sure enough the aide came back in. It was almost 2 o’clock local and now a faint note of pleading could be heard in Zendora’s voice. “Miss, I am sorry to trouble you, but the High Councilor is quite serious about her schedule… please.”

Smiling, Pandorah rose, tugging her panties and skirt back into place. The toilet silently flushed as she slowly stepped out of the stall and to the sink to wash her hands. 

The aide watched, shifting impatiently from one foot to another as Pandorah washed and dried her hands, then carefully checked herself in the mirror. Satisfied that she had burned enough time, Pandorah turned to the anxious aide and smiled. “All set, let’s go see the High Councilor.”

Obvious relief shown on the aides’ face as she led Pandorah back into the hall, setting a much more brisk pace than they had walked at previously. Amused, Pandorah easily matched the younger woman’s stride.

A moment later they arrived at a glittering steel and marble credenza with a group of very fit, tough-looking women dressed in simple black suits that almost certainly concealed serious weaponry. The woman in charge stepped forward and briefly spoke to the Aide “You know you’re late, right? She in a fine mood today, good luck.”

Two of the other women approached Pandorah and with very professional but quick motions, swept her with small devices and then carefully checked their screens. One of them nodded to her politely and said “You’re clear ma’am, but please note that your personal communicator won’t work while you are in the High Counselors offices.”

Looking even more nervous, Zendora led Pandorah past the other guards and into a dimly-lit anteroom with a massive wooden door flanked by two more guards. And guards they clearly were - one of the two was the first man Pandorah had seen in twenty minutes, brutally ugly and openly carrying an evil-looking submachine gun with a massive drum clip. The woman on the other side of the door was at least six two and casually held a squat mob gun whose gaping barrel could vomit out a cloud of tungsten flechettes that would clear a room in seconds.

The two of them stared straight at Pandorah, keeping their eyes on her even as the woman tugged the door open. As strong as the big woman obviously was, the door swung slowly, indicating that it had a core of something a lot heavier than wood. Ignoring the two guards Zendora stepped into the door, gesturing for Pandorah to follow.     

A moment later they entered a sprawling office whose staggering opulence was enough to stop you in your tracks. Pandorah had delivered briefs to former President Naterist at his palatial home, so she had seen rooms gilt with gold, filled with wooden furniture from ancient Terra and hung with works of art that predated interstellar travel. But Janilla Binton’s office was stocked with an array of treasures that sent a clear message; this was a woman who had the wealth of an entire planet at her disposal.

And seated behind a huge mahogany desk, looking at the two women with a baleful gaze was Janilla Binton herself. The High Councilor and Hereditary Matriarch of Trimaldix Prime was a silver-haired woman of indeterminate age; she could have been in her eighties but thanks to to the anti-aging drugs available to the wealthy she could easily pass for fifty.

Without rising from her chair Binton gave Pandorah the slightest of nods in greeting. “Welcome”. Then she turned to Zendora. “We will speak later regarding the importance of maintaining my schedule, now leave us.”

As the young aide fled, Pandorah seated herself unasked. If the other woman wasn’t going to be polite enough to even rise, she wasn’t about to stand around waiting for an invitation to sit.

Binton turned back to Pandorah, her already sour expression turning a little more unpleasant when she saw that the other woman was sitting. “Well then Miss.. actually it is “Lieutenant Colonel” Pandorah, right?” without even waiting for Pandorah reply she pushed on, smiling nastily as she spoke. “Of course I knew exactly who you are and what you really wanted within minutes of you contacting my offices to request a meeting. You and the rest of your traitorous friends from the Ghosts of Nox regiment have been exiled, don’t you recall? So why don’t you see if you can convince me that I shouldn’t have you locked up right here and right now!”

Pandorah sat blandly, letting the other woman’s hostile words echo for a good thirty seconds before she replied. “No. Instead why don’t you try to explain why your office is so vulgar?”

Binton sat back in her chair like she had been slapped, looking stunned by the insult. “What are you playing at you little bitch!?” she snarled. “I am holding your life in my hands and you have the gall to insult me?”

Still holding her temper in check Pandorah simply arched an eyebrow at the older woman and waited again before replying. “Perhaps it is understandable for you to be on edge, with all of the communications problems that you have been dealing with for the last few days?” She left the statement hanging like the question it really was.

Binton’s expression darkened even more. “What do you know about that - I’ve never heard of anyone bribing Comstar to disrupt communications before, but if that is what you and your pathetic friends have done, it won’t last for long…”

Pandorah interrupted the other man’s tirade by laughing; it started just a hair forced but after a moment she felt genuine humor bubbling up from her stomach and the sound rang through the office. Finally the laughter wound down and Pandorah quieted, looking steadily across the desk at the High Councilor. The other woman was leaning forward, her face mottled with rage.

When Pandorah smiled at her, just a hint of predator crept into her look and again Binton sat back in her chair like she had been slapped. “Since your inbound communications have been… disrupted these last few days, allow me the courtesy of bringing you up to speed.” With that Pandorah produced a folded piece of richly-toned parchment, covered with holographic and wax seals, then tossed it softly onto the desk.

Janilla Binton stared at the piece of parchment like it was a snake. “What game is this that you’re playing?”

“There is no game dear” said Pandorah in a voice sudden dripping with saccharine sweetness. I can summarize for you if you can’t be bothered to read, would you like that?”

Binton angrily snatched the parchment up and broke the seals to open the document while Pandorah happily chatted away. “Let’s see I think the first thing is that you are expelled from the Parliament and of course you can’t be a High Councilor any more…”

All of the blood drained from Janilla Binton’s face as she incredulously read through the document, unable to fully comprehend or to believe what she was reading.

Meanwhile Pandorah was still happily running through the provisions of the bill that had been passed “... and next is the fact that you aren’t permitted to leave this planet unless you are willing to be brought up on charges of treason back on Alpheratz… Oh! I almost forgot, the government has issued court orders to media outlets prohibiting them from publishing anything nasty about those poor High Councilors that you were blackmailing and bribing. Of course a resourceful woman like you can get around that, but I don’t think anyone will believe it anyway. After all, you’re the one that has been branded a criminal, right?”

As the totality of her defeat began to set in, Binton’s face set into a permanent snarl and she tried to throw the parchment at Pandorah, but the loose pages fluttered harmlessly to the floor without touching the smiling woman. “You.. are..DEAD!” shouted Binton as she pressed a button under her desk. Instantly the office door flew open and the two killers posted outside surged into the room, coming to a stop on either side Pandorah with the barrels of their weapons inches from her head.

Pandorah calmly spoke, ignoring the lethal weapons to either side. “You know, you should have your guards carry more practical weapons. If either of them were to slip and hit their triggers you and I would both be killed.”

Binton looked at her, perplexed. Why wasn’t she sobbing and begging for her life? Or trying to make some kind of deal?

Suddenly a rending crash roared in the room as one wall of the office was abruptly torn away, sending two bookshelves full of priceless original prints tumbling through the sky outside the building. Massive metal fingers appeared at the edge of the gaping hole in the wall tearing it wide open in the other direction. Dust and plaster filled the air and everyone in the room coughed and choked, struggling to stay on their feet as the entire building flexed under the assault of a battlemechs’ tearing hands.

The two guards swayed like sailors in a storm, managing to stay upright and point their weapons out the massive hole. Screaming like a banshee the big female guard opened up with her mob gun, sending a storm of buzzing metal flechettes out the of the hole. An instant later her comrade began spraying bursts of SMG fire too, blazing away at whatever was outside.

Pandorah surged up and out of her chair and in one leap sailed over the huge desk and straight into the stunned Janilla Binton. Pandorah smiled grimly as she heard the crunch of a bone breaking beneath her as her momentum bowled over the other woman's chair and crushed her hard against the gilt wood-beamed wall behind the desk.

Binton struggled weakly beneath her but Pandorah ignored her flailing and easily held her down as a sudden blast of searing heat filled the room behind them. A ravening laser beam seared through the office, melting the armored steel core of the door and wall behind them and then sliced deep into the building, burning the people beyond. When the inferno finally faded Pandorah raised her head and saw that the ancient mahogany desk was warped and smoking from the heat but its’ massive bulk had protected them well enough. Through the shattered wall of the office she could see a Blackthornes Dragoons Phoenix Hawk battlemech, with two Warhammers and a Battlemaster standing in protective formation behind it. Not that it mattered much; Trimaldix didn’t have any mech forces and OWA Federal Police were already on the scene to make sure that local law enforcement didn’t try to stop the Dragoons from carrying out the mission that the OWA Parliament had authorized.   

Pandorah turned back to Binton who was clutching at what looked like a badly-broken arm and moaning in pain. “Well you old bitch, now comes the part where you either order whatever is left of your lackeys to fetch President Naterist from that cell in the sub-basement or my friends out there tear this building apart piece by piece until THEY find him. Now what’s it going to be?”

Twenty minutes later the Blackthornes Dragoons "cargo" ship lifted off with their mechs, Pandorah and former President Naterist safely aboard the dropship, leaving Hereditary Matriarch Janilla Binton to explain to her people how the disaster had occurred.

BattleTech/Mechwarrior Role-Play / Re: Eagle News Report Top Secret Rescue Mission
« Last post by Eagle News on February 10, 2018, 05:47:53 PM »
Part 3   

Trimaldix Prime was a glittering white ice world with a green strip of temperate land at the equator that was home to most of the cities. The planet had been settled very early on in the Age of Exploration but had quickly dropped out of contact with the rest of civilization as the colony struggled to avoid starvation. Finally, early colonists discovered an abundant form of plant life that was edible for humans and rich in calories and digestible protein. The settlers initially relied heavily on this food source and it was only after several generations that they discovered that it was a peril.

Within 50 years of the settlement, male birth rates in the colony plunged to a tiny percentage of live births. Plenty of female children were born to the colony but without male children it was clear that the settlement was doomed. So the leaders of the colony declared a medical emergency and began working desperately to identify the source of the problem. They eventually discovered that the indigenous plant life was responsible and launched a crash program to find replacement sources of food, while instituting societal and legal changes to protect the dwindling number of male colonists.

By the time food sources were shifted and normalized, the planet had been living under emergency laws for almost eighty years. Out of the overall population of over 100,000 there were only a few hundred adult males under the age of seventy. Male birth rates rose in the following centuries, but the legal system and Matriarchal society persist up to current times. Men on Trimaldix Prime were granted the right to vote when the planet joined the Outworlds Alliance but males seldom exercise the right and the OWA Parliament is careful not to interfere too much in the affairs of member planets.


Pandorah looked out the window of the dropship as it approached the glittering steel and glass transfer station in low orbit above Trimaldrix Prime. Unlike most planets, Trimaldrix required passenger dropships to dock at their transfer station to disembark passengers; the dropships themselves would only land on the planet surface if they needed to offload heavy cargo. Specialized shuttles owned by planetside firms carried all traffic from the transfer station down to Trimaldix.

The dropship docked and Pandorah stepped out into a bustling passenger terminal. Everything was gleaming white or polished steel and the people zipping by on the transit strips were mostly female, dressed like prosperous business women with interstellar interests or female vacation-goers, usually with a slender man walking behind burdened with luggage.

Pandorah glanced briefly at her shuttle ticket, then stepped easily onto a transit strip headed for the shuttlebays that handled planetside traffic. Moments later she stepped off the strip in front of the boarding gate for her shuttle and was immediately whisked down the transfer tube and into the rear of the cylindrical passenger compartment.

She was greeted by a slim, attractive man wearing tight slacks and a uniform shirt that clung tightly to his trim but well-muscled shoulders and arms. “Welcome to TrimAir miss, I am Roderick and it will be my pleasure to serve you on this flight!” He flashed her a brilliant, even-toothed smile and made eye contact as he reached forward and gently plucked the strap of her carry-on from her grip, then turned to lead her up the narrow aisle in the center of the compartment. “Please, let me show you to your seat.”

Pandorah arched an eyebrow as she followed Roderick up the aisle; whoever designed his uniform had made certain that it would be very tight in the seat and she gave an appreciative glance to his very well-toned rear.

“Here we are miss!” he said as he turned and gestured her into a comfortable leather flight seat with a porthole and video display. Pandorah settled gratefully into the plush seat as Roderick fussed over her, placing her carry-on in the overhead compartment and then producing a tiny pillow which he carefully placed to give her a little extra support for her neck.

“Coming through” said a businesslike female voice from the aisle. Roderick squeezed into the small empty space beside Pandorah’s seat as two female shuttle pilots passed, each turning to give her a polite nod and a smile. The second of the two said “Take good care of that passenger Roderick, she has a pass to debark at the Matriarchs’ Palace.”

“Yes Captain!” Roderick replied brightly, then he turned to fuss over Pandorah some more. He knelt by her seat for a moment, resting tanned fingers on the back of her hand and looking at her face. “If there is absolutely anything that I can do for you on your flight or while you are visiting Trimaldix, please let me know. We exist to please you!”

Pandorah took in Rodericks’ even features, liquid brown eyes and extremely earnest expression and smiled whimsically at him. “That’s very kind Roderick, how about a scotch and soda for the flight?”

He smiled back brilliantly. “Of course!” With that the flight attendant rose and turned to hustle up the  aisle to mix her drink. Pandorah was pretty sure she wasn’t imagining the little extra twist he put in his step as he walked away and she tipped her head out into the aisle briefly to get another look at his tight little rear end.

Smiling, she tugged her personal communicator from a pocket and typed a quick note to Coyote. “Babe, I think I know where I want to go for vacation the next time we take some leave!” She laughed out loud as she hit “Send” and the communicator passed the message through the station’s comm system, then to the massive Comstar HPG generator down on the planet and finally on to her man, hundreds of light-years away. By the time “Delivered” blinked on the screen, Roderick was kneeling by her chair offering a perfectly-prepared drink.

Pandorah sighed as she took the drink and sat back for the flight. Janilla Binton might be a crazy bitch but her home planet definitely appeared to have some interesting ideas...
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