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Author Topic: Disabled: roster email  (Read 1298 times)

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Disabled: roster email
« on: September 16, 2015, 11:48:06 AM »
I have disabled sending emails to a unit roster from the automation's Roster Comm Center feature. It is broken in ways I do not have time to diagnose at the moment, and I believe it is responsible for Microsoft- and AT&T-hosted email services putting us on their blacklists.

Note that means until we are off those services' blacklists, you will not get email from NBT automation (or these forums) if you use,, (or any MS-hosted email) or or (the only two AT&T-hosted services from which I have received NDRs).

Additionally, if you are in the habit of just deleting NBT automation emails (and the automation is CHATTY, there is no doubt) without reading them (using their web interfaces anyway) then they will interpret that as "these messages are spam" which will increase the likelihood of making it to their blacklists (MS seems very quick on the trigger for this sort of thing).

If you feel you are getting too many emails from NBT, and have not set up a filter to direct them to folders instead of littering your inbox, then please let me know (here in this thread is fine) and we will see about implementing some form of "opt-out" instead.

But currently, what this means is, if you depend on NBT emails to know about attacks, and you are on one of these services, you will NOT be getting these emails, and there is absolutely zero I can do about it.
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