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Author Topic: Northwind Highlanders 54th Mechanized Regiment Available For Hire  (Read 174 times)

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Who Are We?

We are a Division B MRBC team with three seasons under our belt. We have a solid roster of skilled pilots with experience in MRBC, RHOD, B4M, MWOWC, Star League, and Proxis. We span NA and AP timezones and are able to field specialists in every weight class. We are scrappy, we've got wins against some of the top teams in the game, and we can be counted upon to get the job done.

Why You Should Hire Us

We've shown that we can get the job done. We can win big and lose small. We are committed, loyal, and dependable.

How To Contact / Hire Us

Reach out to El Switchblade or Daidachi via the NBT Discord.

Note: We are currently contracted for the first two weeks of the league.