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Author Topic: Comstar News Network - Season's Greeetings!  (Read 266 times)

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Comstar News Network - Season's Greeetings!
« on: December 14, 2017, 07:42:56 AM »
Comstar News Network

From the Editors: Greetings from Comstar; may you all be Blessed by the Word of Blake in his season of joy and celebration!

Hostilities within human space never come to a full stop, but we are pleased to report that across the Galaxy the pace of conflict has subsided. There are still minor raids here and there and of course the tragic stalemate between the Capellan Confederation and the Taurian Concordat in the Menke Sector continues.

Wherever there are opposing forces, we ask that you take a brief pause in your battles to consider the benevolent spirit and wisdom of Jerome Blake, without whom we would all be living in darkness. Bring Blake into your heart, give the gift of well-wishes, delivered quickly and accurately by your local Comstar HPG station, and rejoice!

As part of a centuries-long tradition the Precentors of Comstar are deep in meetings with this year's High Intercessor, Veronica Alman. The High Intercessor is a symbolic representation of Blake's gift to humanity in the form of an offering to the Precentors on Blake's behalf.

Veronica Alman, 3062 High Intercessor

We know that this time of peace will pass and conflicts will again escalate but until then, Peace of Blake be with you.

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