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Author Topic: Comstar News Network - Arc-Royal Sector Falls to Clan Jade Falcon!  (Read 335 times)

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Brother Augustus Grim, Lead Anchor: In the name of Blake we bring you urgent news from the Clan Invasion Corridor. Word has reached Comstar that Clan Jade Falcon forces have made a successful Sector Assault on Arc-Royal, evicting Clan Wolf in Exile and taking half their worlds. Here to provide some background on this conflict is Aiko Suzue, Visiting Scholar of Interstellar Relations at Trinity University of Tharkad.

Aiko Suzue, Trinity University of Tharkad: Hello Brother Grim and praise to the Blessed Word of Blake. The situation in the Arc-Royal Sector is both complex and simple at the same time. For the sake of our viewers that are pressed for time, let me explain the bare military facts first. As previously reported by Comstar News, forces from several Clan Factions that adhere to Crusader beliefs have been raiding the two Sectors controlled by Clan Wolf-In-Exile. Finally, a powerful force led by Clan Jade Falcon initiated an Assault on the Arc-Royal Sector with the intention of conquering every planet in the sector.

Well now reports indicate that the Jade Falcons Assault succeeded, throwing the Clan Wolf-In-Exile forces into a full retreat to their remaining strongholds in the nearby Deia Sector. Details about the level of losses incurred by the two sides in the huge battle are scarce, but there is little doubt that this represents a major victory for Clan Jade Falcon.

Brother Augustus Grim, Lead Anchor: Thank you for such a concise summary of these events Miss Suzue. Now can you try to give our viewers a little background on the forces involved and what this development means for the various factions in this section of the Clan Invasion Corridor?

Aiko Suzue, Trinity University of Tharkad: I think that our viewers might be interested to know that Clan Wolf-In-Exile is a splinter group that the other Clans consider outlaws. They settled on worlds granted to them by the Lyran Alliance after losing an internal struggle with several Clans in the Crusader faction. In my research I have heard this struggle referred to as The Refusal War. Evidently major elements of Clan Wolf disagreed with the way the Clan Invasion was being conducted and felt a responsibility to protect the Inner Sphere as Wardens. But they seem to have been the loser in the Refusal War and although their primary opponent in the war, Clan Jade Falcon, suffered massive losses, it seems that somehow the Jade Falcons managed to take much of the Wolves's resources absorbing many of their warriors and other personnel.

One might even say that this latest battle is just a continuation of The Refusal War, with Clan Jade Falcon attempting to continue their absorption of the Wolves. Whatever the cause, the Clan Wolf-In-Exile forces in the Deia Sector now represent the last home of this Faction. They do enjoy close relations with the Kell Hounds mercenary unit, based on the nearby world of Atacongo and of course the Lyran Alliance will certainly keep a close eye on any events that bring Invader Clans closer to their borders. But while things certainly look grim for the Exiles, they have faced near-destruction before and managed to come back from the brink. It remains to be seen what Grand Duke Morgan Kell and his allies will do to respond to this Crusader threat.

Brother Augustus Grim, Lead Anchor: Comstar News Network is reaching out to leaders of the various factions in this region of space to seek interviews about the ongoing battle between the Exile Wolves and Clan Jade Falcon. We will share these interviews with you as soon as possible. Until then, we close this broadcast in the Name of Blake.
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