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Author Topic: Diamond Shark Entry: Paxon  (Read 233 times)

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Diamond Shark Entry: Paxon
« on: November 09, 2017, 10:42:53 AM »
Oct. 23rd 3062

Paxon was to be our first trial.  This world with a booming economy would have made an important addition to our growing influence in the homeworlds.  However, it instead became a hard lesson in humility and our own shortcomings. The surface now runs red with the blood of our warriors, including some of my own. We knew that our forces were relatively inexperienced,  but we had had hoped that training and dogged determination would help alleviate  some of that shortcoming. Instead we were judged and found wanting in the jungles, verdant forests and gleaming cities of this world.

Clan Wolf earned their victory, that much is certain.  Their tactics were most admirable and their skill with which they handled their weapons was a true work of art. While we did manage to bloody our foe, the loss still weighed heavily on our minds.

As we make our return journey already the dissection of our own tactics as well as individual piloting has begun.   While this loss has stung, it is apparent that we are far from giving up.  Our teeth have been cut and we have been afforded an opportunity to learn from the best and we will not waste this chance. Already our pilots are once more running simulations and our engineers are working on perfecting our ‘mech’s loadouts  and tweaking their performance in order to adapt to the ever changing battlefields.

This battle will be but a scar. A lesson learned in the unforgiving oceans that will on serve, in the end, to make us an even deadlier predator.

As I write this, my mind is drawn to the ancient process of goldsmithing; an art that is still practiced today in our clan (as in many others) to create beautiful works of art that adorn our halls and our people.  In order to prepare the gold, it must first be made pure. It must be passed through the hottest of fires so that every impurity is burned out.  I am certain more trials lie ahead for my brothers and I, as we still have much to learn, however the key is that we are willing to learn and we learn quickly.