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Author Topic: Comstar News Network - Mystery on Hofn!  (Read 419 times)

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Comstar News Network - Mystery on Hofn!
« on: November 09, 2017, 10:38:45 AM »
Comstar News Network

Brother Augustus Grim, Lead Anchor: Greetings in the Blessed Name of Blake. We bring you this special report to share news of a startling discovery in the Hofn Sector. Special Correspondent Thorra Ingarsdottir reports live from Hofn; poor bandwidth from this remote sector limits the feed to audio; we are displaying a file photo of the Correspondent in place of a video feed.

::Heavy static gradually clears leaving a low hum of distortion:: 

Thora Ingarsdottir, Independent War Correspondent

Thora Ingarsdottir, War Correspondent:  Thank you Brother Grim and glory to Blake. I am reporting from the planet Hofn, Capital of the JarnFolk worlds, where just a short while ago Wolf's Dragoons executed a series of combat drops deploying mechs for battle. But instead of the heavy resistance that was expected, the Dragoons found not a single JarnFolk battlemech, tank or infantry unit.

Brother Augustus Grim, Lead Anchor: Miss Ingarsdottir, what of the JarnFolk fleets - was there any sign of their ships when the task force arrived in Hofn?

Thora Ingarsdottir, War Correspondent:  Brother Grim it took a lot of work to convince senior Officers of Wolf's Dragoons to allow me to imbed with the unit for this expedition and even with all of the goodwill I have been able to generate with those officers, they still have allowed me very limited access to their intelligence. However, an anonymous source in the Dragoon's aerospace arm did reveal that the task force had planned for the possibility that JarnFolk ships might even attempt to ram dropships to stop the assaults. But I haven't heard of any combat losses whatsover among the aerospace units that the mercenaries deployed.

Brother Augustus Grim, Lead Anchor: Very interesting; please tell our viewers what you witnessed when the Dragoons entered the Capital.

Thora Ingarsdottir, War Correspondent:  Brother Grim it was one of the spookiest things I have witnessed in my life. The streets of the Capital were completely empty. The doors of houses and businesses were unlocked or even open but we didn't encounter any citizens. Then we arrived at the High Hall of the Jarl and things got worse.


Thora Ingarsdottir, War Correspondent:  There was a huge feast laid out and a massive fire roaring in the in the hearth but all the chairs were empty. The Dragoon's security detachment swept the hall as we went deeper into the room but they found nobody... until we reached the end. Seated on the stairs below the Mad Jarl's empty throne was an old blind man.

Thora Ingarsdottir, War Correspondent:  As soon as we drew close, the old man rose to his feet and began laughing uncontrollably. We only got three words out of him before he resumed his mad laughter - a Dragoon's medic eventually sedated him.

Brother Augustus Grim, Lead Anchor: Miss Ingarsdottir, what did he say?

Thora Ingarsdottir, War Correspondent:  Just "They Are Gone".

Reports gradually came in from scouts in the field and from the task forces dispatched to the other Jarnfolk homeworlds. Almost the same scene of desertion was found everywhere, except for a few isolated farming communities. Settlers descended from other groups that came to live on planets in the Hofn Sector in the centuries after the JanFolk migrated here from Rasalhague have been found; none of them are missing but they seem to know nothing of what happened to the rest of the population. And as of a few moments ago, not a single JarnFolk ship has been found in the Sector.

Brother Augustus Grim, Lead Anchor: Thank you for this very interesting report Miss Ingarsdottir, it seems this might be a mystery for the ages! We close this special report in the Name of Blake. Good night.

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Re: Comstar News Network - Mystery on Hofn!
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Re: Comstar News Network - Mystery on Hofn!
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OOC: Fantastic piece. Truly raises the mystery here. It's almost creepy but I was entertained.

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Re: Comstar News Network - Mystery on Hofn!
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OOC: Nice!