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Author Topic: Re: Jarnfolk host the DC ambassador  (Read 507 times)

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Re: Jarnfolk host the DC ambassador
« on: October 08, 2017, 06:46:03 PM »
SuperAtomic leaned back from the desk and slowly stretched his arms above his head.

“This is coming along nicely.” He said, gazing contentedly at the old fashioned typewriter in front of him.  The kind where each key is a lever that you really have to put some force into if you want to get anywhere.  They called him all kinds of things for using this old fashioned machine, but he loved the crunch the keys made as he slammed them home.

He was slowly working out the relationship of his two main characters and he felt his story was building anticipation towards something, though towards what hadn’t been revealed to him yet.

Chunk, chunk-chunk chunk, chunk *ding*

“Super, stop what you’re doing, we’re taking this in a new direction.”

The floor manager at the propaganda fiction sweatshop Super worked his indentured servitude away at dropped a manila folder on top of his typewriter keys. 

“Here’s the new title and cover art for the Draconis/JàrnFòlk job.  Get it done or we’ll add three years to your sentence.”  The manager said over his shoulder as he stalked away down the line of fiction prisoners.

Super opened the envelope and was confronted with a colorful glossy book cover:

“That’s not quite where I saw this going, and not entirely how I envisioned Tanaka, but I’ll be damned if they keep me chained up here another three years.”

Super hunched back over the ancient typewriter and began moving his story along.

Chunk-chunk-chunk, cha-chunk chunk *ding*

(*OOC:  Just playin’, carry on guys.)