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Author Topic: 228th is looking for EU players  (Read 631 times)

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228th is looking for EU players
« on: August 31, 2017, 04:43:47 AM »

Big Roster, Big Numbers
While we are a highly competitive unit we strive to be supportive of new players as well. We value quality over quantity and focus on being a reliable, mature, and loyal group. We are an exclusive group of exceptional individuals that come together to blow stuff up, and we are looking for people who fit that profile.

5 teams in one
We currently run 5 teams in various tiers of competitive play, 3 North American teams, a European team and a Oceanic Team. When and where ever you play the game you can find a team to play with in the 228th

Decorated with Valor
Our unit is highly competitive and always strives to be the best. It is in this endeavor that we have found ourselves as one of the premiere competitive units.

We Had Fun Once, and It Was Awesome
We aren't some pseudo mil-sim unit that emphasizes illogical gameplay styles modeled after a real-world military unit and we won't force you to do regularly scheduled menial practice drills just for the sake of it. We are composed of players skilled and mature enough that the unrelenting weight of a draconian clan framework is unnecessary.

The 228th IBR is founded and run by people that aim create a unique group for people to have fun in competitive play with. Employing the experience gained from the formation of past units in many other games, the 228th IBR represents what an competitive MWO unit should be about: teamwork, fun, and blowing stuff up.

48th Striker "Black Watch"
The "Black Watch" is the primary competitive NA battalion of the 228th IBR. Black Watch represents the best that the 228th have to offer, and are very selective of who they recruit. With an established legacy of consistently excellent results across multiple tournaments and leagues, and a dedicated focus upon maintaining the top-notch performance that they have always been known for, Black Watch looks forward to even greater successes in the future.

318th Heavy Assault "Swamp Foxes"
The Swamp Foxes are the 2nd tier North American competitive battalion of the 228th IBR. Like all inner units of the 228, they strive to reach the maximum competitive level they can. They participate in all MWO competitive leagues that will have them, and never quit. They seek active, talented pilots who know how to work as a team, are not afraid to voice their opinion, but can also listen to the leaders just as well. Check bad attitudes at the door and bring your A game, because the drop is about to start.

206th Battle "Death from Above"
The 206th "Death From Above" is 228th's NA third competitive battalion. Having less than a year of competitive play, Death From Above is looking to make a name for themselves and pilots that wish to do the same.

226th Dragoon "The Wild Ones"
The "The Wild Ones" is the competitive Oceanic-Asian-Pacific battalion of the 228th IBR, is widely known for placing first in the region for MWOWC and going to Vancouver. They are always looking for new mates to join them for a laugh, and sometimes some serious mech action.

17th Hussar "Golden Talons"
The "Golden Talons" is the competitive European battalion of the 228th IBR. Our euro community of gamers features players from across the European timezones, including from Germany, France, Sweden, Finland and more. Language barriers are not an issue for members, as we have players from all over and speak multiple languages. They are selective but very open for recruitment.

We are looking for pilots with a teamwork-oriented attitude. You must be willing to learn, as well as to share the knowledge you have with others, to benefit from as well as contribute to the unit.

It is our belief that players who wish to be members of the 228th IBR are aggressive and seek to a higher level of play at all times even as casuals. Because of this we expect our members to take initiative when it comes to the unit both in game and out.
Current needs are:

Pilots for the EU Timezone - Contact: JohnyBlack or Bermoph