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Author Topic: NBT and Factions  (Read 255 times)

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NBT and Factions
« on: July 11, 2017, 10:36:27 PM »
With NBT now opening sign ups on the 18th, alot of teams will jump into their favorite factions, which leads to the further discussion and very real possibility that multiple teams might (*might*) share responsibility for a faction -- not necessarily in divided districts with split automation, but with one team as the loyalist director of activities and other units as subordinate commands.

There are ALOT of active units, who really are attached to their favorite factions and would likely wish to operate under that banner rather than give up playing it completely.

Since much of that would be contingent on a team's reputation, size, activity level, proficiency with the automation etc, I'm wandering from team to team asking folks about their gameplans and where they would like to play, just to get a feeler for things. 

None of this discussion is official, or league mandated.  Just had some great discussion with X a v i e r and we got into some great items regarding the potential for shared major factions.

So, which faction would you wish to be a part of, if it was a group effort (even if your team wasn't offered the keys for the driver's seat)?  Are you NA, EU, AP, other? How big is your roster of interested pilots for NBT matches (i.e. you might have 100 pilots, but only 20 are interested currently in the NBT type competitive matches - so, about 2 groups of available pilots).

Why even get into this discussion? Because it will definitely help X set things up once the sign ups go live and knowing which units are interested in what, IF he elects to go with grouped-units running factions.  It will also help manage expectations if 20 teams want to go Davion or Wolf, to let the less experienced, smaller teams with less of a stable reputation know that they might not get a piece of that faction but looking to fit them in elsewhere as some minor faction, or a merc serving their favorite faction etc can be looked into.

Example -> Smoke Adders are bidding for CSA, either as part of it or as sole executors since it's a minor faction; I've also told X we'd consider supporting another "Invader" as part of their Touman if it's needed to get all of the major's seeded (although I think there might be enough interest in NBT that it's not an issue lol).  We're primarily NA, with 35+ pilots (of our 75 or so) involved in some level of competitive play that I expect would like to fight.  I think we could provide groups easily 3 nights a week.

Let's face it...there's easily a handful of decent sized teams and groups that would be interested in many of these factions.  Also, with some factions anchored by an EU & NA timezone team (and even better if AP teams can get integrated), means that faction activity isn't hampered by RCW being attacked by HHoD or something like that.  Another Wolf/Dav unit could take on the match etc.

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Re: NBT and Factions
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2017, 02:17:22 PM »
Skye Rangers will obviously be choosing Lyran Commonwealth/Alliance if we are able whether it is heading it up or controlling a portion.  We are an NA team and have around 20 players agreed to participate at present(some of which will be part time or casual in their participation).  We will likely be fairly active with NBT and will likely be forgoing other leagues such as MRBC to participate should NBT still be going when next the next season comes around.

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Re: NBT and Factions
« Reply #2 on: July 20, 2017, 07:24:42 AM »
I feel like a crack head waiting for my fix. I am old enough now, that I should have grown some patience. Guess not.....common NBT.
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