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NBT-Classic Promo
« on: January 25, 2016, 05:03:48 PM »
What is NBT Classic?

NBT stands for Netbattletech, a planetary league system set in the Battletech Universe. This is an alpha Megamek league based on the NBT Automation. Right now it will be set in the Clan Homeworlds post-Reaving in 3085 along with some deep periphery factions and pirates. This means only about 4-5 factions will be available to play as. The goal of this Alpha is to hammer out the rules and check the balance within the Megamek client for a league in NBT. Thus the only units being used will be Mechs, Tanks, BA, VTOLs, and Protomechs.

Eventually NBT-Classic will join its brother in using the new automation being developed by Xavier and company. I plan to add fighters, dropships, warships, space stations, and more as playable units to the game, as well as a much more in-depth (but simplified automation-wise) meta game. The game will come as close to a real simulation of the Battletech universe as possible.

This NBT-Classic 5 Alpha is, again, only meant to be a small scale test. People are welcome and encouraged to sign up to play a few games and give their input.

So yes, this league will be using the old automation for now and a lot of the rules from the old NBT. What I need are a few volunteers to help me finish setting up the units by loading mechs and such on jumships and distributing them to the various garrisons across allied space. Once that's done the league may start.

If you are interested in helping finish the league (shouldn't take more than a few more hours work) and/or are interested in joining the alpha in one of the following teams, please sign up at our forums and post in this thread:,1045.0.html

Factions available at startup:

Clan Cloud Cobra
Clan Coyote
Clan Star Adder
Clan Stone Lion
Escorpion Imperio
Hanseatic League
Bandit Caste

tl;dr: Battletech game in the style of the Total War series where you play out the battles in Megamek (a well done java-based simulation of the tabletop game). League is in Alpha stage and automation is a bit clunky but will be and is being improved over time.

If you have any questions please post them here and I'll do my best to check back in on a regular basis.